Overgrips are an essential element in padel. The main function of this product is to provide a better hold of the racket, with the handle offering us the necessary thickness to grab it with great comfort. We have to take into account that there is not a defined size for the handle of the racket. Because of this, overgrips give us the opportunity of adapting the size of the handle according to our needs.

A poor-quality overgrip can lead us to a worse handling of the racket, being forced to grab it from areas which may damage our hands, producing injuries or complaints in our joints. That is why we must be clear about what type of thickness we need and if we need more than one overgrip on the handle. We can choose among several brands of padel accessories such as Wilson, Siux, Babolat, etc.
The durability of each overgrip depends on our frequency of use, but it is recommended to change it or put a new one on top when we notice deterioration or our handle starts to worsen.

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What are the best padel overgrips?


The best padel overgrips are the Wilson Perforated or smooth overgrips. But keep in mind that they are high-end padel grips and are the most expensive.

What are the best quality-price padel overgrips?


The best quality-price padel overgrips are the Bullpadel overgrips or the Víbora overgrips.

How many Overgrips to use for paddle tennis?


This is a very personal issue, you have to try it and see how many overgrips you feel more comfortable playing with.

How much does the overgrip weigh?


The standard weight of an overgrip is 5 grams.

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