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Nox broke into the padel world years ago with padel rackets of excellent quality. It soon started to invest in important players to make the brand grow. These are Spanish-made rackets of outstanding materials, surpassing any other brand in the padel market regarding design.
This brand's flagship player is the Argentine from the professional league, Miguel Lamperti, a very charismatic player who puts on a show on the court.

Within our catalog you will be able to find a large variety of Nox padel rackets of all types of features and for every kind of player. You can buy the model which best suits your needs to make the most of your game.

We can highlight the next models:

  • ML10 PRO CUP for those players who need more control in their game, with low balance.

  • NOX At10 Luxury Genius 18K 2024 for those enthusiasts who prefer a more balanced racket, with good contact point and medium touch.

  • NOX AT10 Luxury Attack 18K 2024 A teardrop racket which will delight offensive players.

Padel rackets - 2024 season

In 2024, this company released new, high-quality models.

The ML Attack Pro P1 is  ideal for those players who want extra power and ball output in their most demanding matches.

Another model within this collection is the update of the classic ML10 Pro CUP model, the Luxury. This racket will delight those players who want to improve their control strikes but without neglecting the punch. This model is recommended for players with elbow complaints (epicondylitis).

The balanced model of this series is the Pro Cup Luxury, ideal for those players looking for a multi-functional racket in every aspect of the game.

The Nox brand has also brought new additions for women to its catalogue, updating its well-known ML10 Women with its new Silver.

Regarding its mid-range, we can underscore the Equation. model, a very safe racket, ideal for any type of player in seek of a great control racket.

As the biggest surprise of this line, we have to highlight the At10 Luxury 12K 2024, a very affordable racket with professional features.

This brand has taken a step forward, expanding and improving its catalogue. Nox enthusiasts will make the most of these rackets on the court.

The Luxury series, composed of the Nox At10 Luxury 18K alum 2024, the ML 10 Pro Cup luxury 2024, and the Nox At10 Luxury 12k 2024. These models have always been promoted by the brand, in order to monitor them, not wasting what has always worked well. During 2019, the brand released a product line called Advanced, having great success, releasing another range of padel rackets that same year, in Autumn.

Get your NOX rackets in Padel Ibérico

In our store you could buy NOX padel rackets at the best prices on the market. In addition, you will receive gifts with the purchase of a Nox racket. Don't hesitate and get your new racket from this prestigious brand in our online store with the best possible results.

Nox padel rackets 2024

This season, the company sponsors Miguel Lamperti. The brand makes the leap and brings a big part of its rackets catalogue to Spain. These models come with carbon fiber for the first time in the firm's history.  Manufactured in Madrid in one of the most prestigious factories in the creation of padel rackets worldwide. This model has a closed bridge for greater durability.

The Full Carbon Foam model is the racket used by the Argentine player of the World Padel Tour, Agustín Tapia for this season. A rising star who performs a powerful backhand playstyle.

The Argentine will play this season with the At10 Luxury 18K alum 2024, a well-balanced racket (the updated version of the classic ML 10 Pro Cup). Ideal for those days of higher humidity, in which the ball comes out less, it provides extra punch.

Miguel Lamperti will play with the  ml10 Luxury Bahia 2024.

2024 season, choose our padel store

In 2021, Nox continued the Legend series, a very successful line of rackets which sold fantastically in the Spanish market. Nox padel rackets adapt easily, with top level performance.

Within this series we find the ML10 Pro Cup, a high-end, well-balanced, control racket.  The Magma Mate is more balanced, while the Stinger is an offensive racket.

Two top-of-the-range models within the 2024 collection should be highlighted:

  • The AT10 LUXURY GENIUS 12K 2024, for those in pursuit of the best control without neglecting the punch.

  • The ML10 LUXURY SHOTGUM 18K 2024, a highly powerful racket with the best control.

These two Nox models are manufactured entirely in Spain.

What's new Spring 2024 

For this Spring, Nox introduces the new Neptune Pro, a high-end padel racket with the finest materials on the market, and an outstanding performance on court. Confront your most demanding matches with the power of the god of the seas with this racket. Among its features, this racket provides total balance with a very wide contact point, being a model suitable for all kinds of players, whether they are advanced or beginners. It's designed in red, black and silver, worthy of a premium racket from this great brand.

Nox padel rackets 2024

The Catalan brand has taken a quality leap for this season, bringing a new top-level Nox padel rackets collection, both in high, medium, and low range.

Nox is synonymous with recognition in the World Padel Tour, being well represented with players like Miguel Lamperti, Agustín Tapia, and the Alayeto twins.

The new Nox padel racket which will draw all the attention this 2024 season is the Nox ML 10 Luxury Bahía 12K 2024, the signature model of the great Miguel Lamperti. This model is one of the favorites of amateur players, thanks to its balance, great touch, and very good ball output. Its design is simply breathtaking.

Another of the Nox padel rackets among the best rackets on the market is the Nox AT10 Luxury Genius 18K ALUM 2024, one of the most desired padel rackets by the players, displaying a great balance, very good touch, and perfect balance between control and power. This is the signature model of Agustín Tapia in the World Padel Tour.

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Which type of Nox padel racket is suitable for your game?


If you like Nox rackets and are unsure which one is best for your game, you're in the right place. We'll divide Nox rackets into three groups: for versatile players, for power players, and for control players.

For versatile players, the most suitable Nox rackets are:

  1. Nox AT10 Genius 18K by Agustín Tapia.
  2. Nox Tempo WPT Luxury Series.
  3. Nox ML10 Bahia Luxury Series.
  4. Nox Luxury Titanium EX 12K.
  5. Nox Titanium Luxury 4.0.
  6. Nox AT10 Luxury Genius Arena.

For power players, the most suitable Nox rackets are:

  1. Nox AT Genius Attack 18K.
  2. Nox Nerbo WPT Luxury Series.
  3. Nox ML10 Shotgun Luxury Series.
  4. Nox Attraction WPT Edition.
  5. Nox Neptune Luxury 5.0.

For control players, the most suitable Nox rackets are:

  1. Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury Series.
  2. Nox MP10 Gem Atomikas.
  3. Nox Equation WPT Advanced Series.
  4. Nox ML10 Pro Cup.
  5. Nox Master Luxury.
  6. Nox X-One Evo Black.

Who plays with Nox padel rackets?


Many amateur players use Nox padel rackets due to their high quality. However, on the professional padel circuit, the most well-known players using Nox rackets in the World Padel Tour are Miguel Lamperti, Agustín Tapia, Mapi Sánchez Alayeto, and Majo Sánchez Alayeto.

Nox Padel is one of the first brands to appear in Spain when this sport crossed the ocean, so it's natural that, with the brand's excellent track record, thousands of players continue to use their rackets to this day.

How to put a protector on a Nox padel racket?


Installing a protector on a Nox padel racket is very simple. First, take the protector and remove the backing that covers the adhesive. Once you've done this, position the protector on the frame of the racket, ensuring it is at the same height on both sides of the head and aligned correctly with the frame. Once aligned, proceed to stick it from one end to the other, slowly to avoid any bubbles. With this, the protector will be properly installed.


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