Intermediate Level Padel Racket

At Pádel Ibérico, you can choose your best intermediate-level padel racket. The rackets in this category are intended for players with a medium level, no longer beginners, and looking to step up to a higher category.

For these players, an intermediate-level padel racket is the best alternative to continue improving on the court.

The intermediate-level padel racket must meet essential requirements. On the one hand, it should be a fairly conservative model in terms of shape. We recommend that it be a round or teardrop-shaped model at most, as a diamond-shaped format can be challenging to maneuver until you have a higher skill level.

An example of a perfect intermediate-level padel racket is the Dunlop Inferno Elite Silver or Dunlop Inferno Elite Gold. These two Dunlop padel rackets are spectacular for players at a medium level. They come at a good price, and their oversized shape allows both control and power.

The assortment in our online store is very extensive. We have a wide variety for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. There are different types, for men, and for women, with lower and higher weights, as well as round, teardrop, or diamond shapes.

The good thing about intermediate-level padel rackets is that they will be a bit cheaper, logically, than the high-end ones, but the performance in some models is almost identical, with small details that are barely noticeable on the court.

Padel Rackets for Intermediate-Level Women

Let's focus on the women's sector. If you are looking for a padel racket for intermediate-level women, you should look for a racket with a lot of control and good maneuverability, such as the Head Zephyr UL model. This is one of the lightest and most manageable padel rackets on the market. It is a perfect padel racket for intermediate-level women since its price does not exceed €100, and it offers everything that a high-end racket can provide. The round shape and wide sweet spot give us control, and its foam rubber provides the necessary ball output to easily pass the ball. Making the leap from a beginner padel racket to this one is remarkable.

Cheap Intermediate-Level Padel Rackets

In our padel store, there are cheap intermediate-level padel rackets that are very interesting. Several brands stand out for having this type of intermediate-level padel rackets, with Dunlop Padel being the reigning brand. This brand has a large number of intermediate-level padel rackets, which is why they continue to be at the top, as the vast majority of players have a medium level.

Another brand with many cheap intermediate-level padel rackets is Bullpadel, with models like Vertex Avant, BP10, or K3. These padel rackets are perfect alternatives if your game still needs improvement before making the leap to a professional high-end racket.

Padel Rackets for Intermediate-Level Players

At this point, we will explain in more detail what an intermediate-level padel racket should have and how it can help you before making the leap to a better one, a padel racket for an intermediate-level player.

These padel rackets, as we have already mentioned, are very important. A racket of this level should be as manageable as possible, preferably round-teardrop-shaped. If we choose one, it should have a medium-soft rubber to provide control and ease in returning the ball when it comes at us strongly. Another important point is the price, as the cheaper, the better, and this section is full of cheap padel rackets for intermediate-level players.

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