Padel clothes for men and women. New 2023 collections and offers

Padel clothing for men and women for those people who like to wear the right textile when playing at their club. Buy your new padel clothes from the best brands at most attractive prices on the market. We have an extensive catalogue in all kinds of garments of the best quality in  Pádel Ibérico. Order it from your sofa at home and receive it within 24-48 hours. What more can your ask for in a padel clothing shop?


Choose from a wide variety of padel garments in our online store: t-shirts for men and women to go in a fashionable way to the court, skirts for the girls; sleeveless padel polo shirts, technical padel shirts of the best quality and breathability, complete kits for men and women to match your gear; padel sweatshirts to feel maximum comfort and be warm, Bullpadel sweatshirts, long-sleeved padel shirts, adjustable padel leggings for maximum comfort, padel shorts made of latest-generation fabrics, top-quality padel clothing; tank tops to survive high temperatures; padel dresses to go in style, clothing sets for men and women to go on trend, padel socks to protect your feet against chafing, padel visors to protect you from the sun, padel caps to set the trend, etc. The best from the newest 2023 collections with great offers in our online padel store.


Enjoy our wide catalogue of padel clothes from different brands, such as Asics, Bullpadel, Eclypse, J'Hayber, Padel Session, Kaitt, Star Vie, Wilson, Head... An exquisite selection of top-quality brands, committed to the use of the best materials and most advanced manufacturing techniques. Take a look at our website and discover our clearance prices on different padel clothing products and buy your new padel garments at the best price, in the easiest way possible. Treat yourself!

Buy cheap padel clothes in our online padel store

If you want to equip yourself well and do not know about our padel clothing offers, contact our customer service. We will be glad to help you choose the best padel clothes for you according to your needs. Design, colour, price, and endless other features to give the best advice to our clients. If you are looking for a specific padel garment which is not available in our catalogue, we will find it for you. We give you all the facilities to place your orders. If you are allergic to any type of fabric, call us and we will happily counsel you about the composition of every padel garment in our store for you to buy as safe as possible without worrying about any problem when playing padel at your club. We provide a great service to our client, constituting ourselves as the best padel store to buy your clothes. If you still have doubts, place your order and wait for the arrival of your new padel clothes within 24-48 hours at home.

Padel Clothing Outlet for men and women

If you are looking for new and cheap padel clothes, take a look at our padel clothing outlet for men and women and find great prices in top-quality clothes with a spectacular value for money.

 World Padel Tour Clothing

If you like to wear the World Padel Tour clothes used by your favourite professional padel players, you are in luck, because we work with leading brands who produce padel clothes of the World Padel Tour line.



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What do I have to know to buy padel clothes online correctly?


The most important factor is to know your size. Use other padel clothes that you have used from a specific brand as a reference. Each manufacturer makes their padel clothes with different measures. If you feel like changing the brand and you cannot find which one you need, contact our customer service through the phone numbers on our website and we will gladly help you.

Another important factor is to buy comfortable clothes which mold well to your body to move freely and very comfortably when playing padel.

Which materials are used in padel clothing?


Being sports clothing, they are almost always made of synthetic material (polyester) or polyester with cotton in lesser proportion. Synthetic material withstands washing much better and does not lose qualities over time.

Which is the best padel clothing for men and women?


All the garments manufactured by the leading brands in the sector, such as Asics, Head, Nox, Bullpadel, Black Crown, Star Vie, Middle Moon, or Joma are made of top-quality materials, guaranteeing the customers a high-quality product to play without worries.

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