A brand with great expertise in racket sports. These padel shoes can prove to be one of the best in the practise of this sport, with high-quality finishes. Among its features, we highlight their superior comfort, good cushioning, durable outsole, and great grip and protection in the ankle area.

In our padel shop you’re able to find a wide collection of these shoes for both men and women. In case of any doubts, contact our customer service. Our padel experts will will be glad to help you finding the ideal product.

There’s no doubt this Austrian brand is persevering to make a name for itself in the padel industry, with the Argentinian Fernando Belasteguín (current number 1 player in the professional circuit) as its biggest star.  An outstanding backhand player.


We are committed to providing you high-quality padel material at the best rates on the market. Make the most of this wonderful sport with our unbeatable prices. We publish clearance offers with amazing discounts. Take your time to search for your preferred model and get it. We highlight the HEAD SPRINT PRO 2.5 CLAY MEN WHDB as one of the models with the best quality-price ratio on the market.


Thanks to heavy investments in the signing of players from the World Padel Tour. This generates great visibility for the Austrian brands and affects favourably to its product sales.

Both players and enthusiasts of tennis and padel who follow the World Padel Tour via GOL TV or YouTube trust this respetable multinational. 

Among the technological advances featured in their shoes models, the 4 D chassis has to be highlighted. Seamless insteps and an upper layer modelled in polyurethane, ensuring a maximum foot grip. The Head Energy Frame system brings us TPU wings, reinforcing the heel, and providing a great stability and grip to the court. The triple density sole with TRI – NRG technology reaches a superior cushioning, turning out to be a very light and comfortable shoe. As an example of this technology, we find the HEAD REVOLT PRO 3.0 CLAY MEN RDDB model.

Head is one of the most important brands in the padel industry, thanks to an ambitious effort in the construction of top-quality padel shoes, along with the signings of Fernando Belasteguin, Alejandra Salazar, Sanyo Gutiérrez (and his new HEAD REVOLT PRO 3.0 SANYO DBYW) among many other important figures.

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What distinguishes Head padel shoes in terms of design and style compared to other brands?


The design of Head padel shoes is always innovative, aiming to offer players the best experience in design, creating a unique and up-to-date style of padel shoes.

How do Head padel shoes adapt to different player styles, such as attackers or defenders?


There are different types of padel shoes depending on the level of play. The more matches you play, and especially if you compete, you should opt for high-end, advanced-professional level Head shoes.

While there isn't a specific shoe for attacking or defending players, we recommend lightweight shoes if you are a fast and aggressive player on the court.

What specific Head shoe recommendations do padel coaches offer to improve the game?


The recommendations that Head coaches can give to improve your game primarily focus on comfort, as it is a fundamental aspect for the player. If you have comfortable footwear, you won't experience discomfort and can focus 100% on the game.

How have Head padel shoes evolved over the years in terms of technology and comfort?


Head padel shoes have continuously evolved over the years and continue to do so today. Each season, we see new technologies, primarily focused on providing comfort for the player.

The brand is putting significant effort into offering footwear that is both durable and lightweight.

In what ways do Head padel shoes help prevent common injuries in this sport?


Injury prevention is a major focus in Head padel shoes. Several technologies are used for this purpose, such as the Ortholite sole, which cushions the step and ensures comfortable footing at all times.

Another safety technology from Head is Drift Defense, which provides ankle reinforcement to prevent unwanted sprains.

What do Head padel shoes do to offer an optimal balance between grip and flexibility on the court?


Head padel shoes provide one of the best balances between grip and flexibility available in padel footwear. For excellent grip, they incorporate the clay sole in almost all their models.

Regarding flexibility, they use lightweight fabrics and minimize seams in much of the shoe to enhance flexibility even further.

What is the impact of ventilation and breathability in Head padel shoes during intense games?


The ventilation in Head shoes is excellent, especially during intense games where sweating is excessive. The technology Head incorporates to prevent this is the Cooling System, a natural ventilation system that aids interior airflow while playing. This results in greater concentration and comfort on the court.

How do Head padel shoes align with the latest fashion and functionality trends in racket sports?


Head padel shoes are always in vogue and follow the latest market trends. They are updated each season with new designs, colors, and more to meet the demands of both fashion and functionality in racket sports.

What specific features do young padel players look for in Head shoes?


Young padel players primarily seek Head shoes that are lightweight and comfortable. However, they also place a significant emphasis on design, as staying trendy is very important among young players.

How to select the appropriate Head padel shoes for playing on different types of courts (grass, clay, cement)?


Head shoes are designed for different types of courts based on the sole type. If you play on grass or clay courts, it is recommended to choose a shoe with a clay sole, as it provides excellent grip and prevents slipping.

On the other hand, for cement courts, you can use a mixed sole to ensure a good level of grip while also allowing some freedom of movement.

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