This famous tennis company arrived on the padel market 20 years ago, being a large competitor to the other brands. Its star signing is Juani Mieres, the number two of the professional padel league. Among the blades that he has used we can find the Dunlop Inferno and the Fusion. On our Blog we have performed several analyses about this brand, DUNLOP. For instance, the DUNLOP REACTION 2023.

Dunlop padel rackets are top-quality products at very economic prices, with a wide variety of models to choose from. These ranges include models intended for beginners such as the Sniper and the Lion range, and models for professional players such as the Dunlop Inferno or the Spectra. Juani Mieres wielded  the Dunlop Blast model in 2023.

Another signing of the brand is Patty Laguno, who wields the Dunlop Heaven Extreme.  This player achieved more than once to be the WTP number 1. 

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Dunlop padel in 2022

This new season, the amazing World Padel Tour player, Juani Mieres, keeps playing one more year with the charismatic back-handed player Miguel Lamperti as partner. 

The blade that the Spanish-Argentine player is wielding this year is the new Dunlop Blast model, a very balanced racket with a hybrid oversize format and with a thickness of 38 mm.

Juani Mieres is competing in the professional padel league with the Blast, and this 2022 she intends not to make things easy for the three first couples of the box and surprise us all.

Other models with broad market acceptance within the 2022 collection are: The Turbo racket, for those players who need an extra on their striking power in the toughest matches.

On the other hand, the Dunlop Thunder racket  is a great choice for players who prefer more control on their play.

For those advanced players looking for high-quality products. Within the Dunlop intensive series we highlight these rackets: Inferno max, the most balanced blade of the line, provided with a vibration absorber.

On the other hand, the Blitz is the ideal blade for those who look for better control on their play. 

It has three versions: Pro, tour and soft, whose main difference is the hardness of their rubber. Don't hesitate and buy the best padel rackets on the market through our online padel store.. We have the lowest prices on the market, so enter and enjoy our offers!

Dunlop padel rackets 2023

The popular Dutch brand has launched its new Dunlop padel rackets collection, which contains smartly designed first-rate models .

Within its high range we recommend two highly differentiated blades. The first one is Juani Mieres' Dunlop Galáctica, the one he uses to play in the World Padel Tour. It is a diamond-shaped blade made of 18k carbon, and it is very balanced , offering both control and power. It is a perfect weapon for those who look for a balanced playstyle throughout the court.

The other model to highlight is the Padel Dunlop racket wielded by Ramiro Moyano. This swift back-handed aggressive player uses the Dunlop Galactica control model. This Dunlop model, despite its round shape, is very balanced. It is made of 18k carbon, which provides greater durability in every strike.

Undoubtedly, the Dutch company has made a quality leap through its Dunlop 2023 rackets collection, becoming a company to take into account in the medium term.

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