We have products from several brands available on our padel store, such as: Dunlop, Head, Wilson, Slazenger, Volkl... among them you can find and get the padel balls you prefer and get the most out of them on the courts.

Balls are one of the key elements to take into account, as we could not do anything on the court without them. However, there are different types of balls so that every player has a favourite one, creating a wide market. Padel balls manufacturing offers a wide range of pressure levels and even colours, where you can find low-range balls intended for beginners, and high-quality balls for advanced players. Padel balls also come in different colours for varying tastes. It is noteworthy to mention that the better the padel balls are, the more we are going to enjoy our new padel racket.


If, on the other hand, you do not know which padel balls are the best for your playstyle or if you need specific features, call our customer service and we will advise you of which balls best suit you, as we are experienced in the sector.

Enjoy great offers in padel balls cans and boxes to let you buy at the best price on our online padel store.

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What are the best paddle balls to play paddle this 2024?


Given a choice, we consider the following 6 companies as the best padel balls manufacturers, which produce several models with vivid bounce and great durability.

Head WTP: we are talking about the padel balls used in the professional padel circuit (World Padel Tour). The Austrian brand gets to be the official professional league sponsor, producing high-quality balls with great bouncing and good durability.

Premium Bullpadel: these padel balls are much less known but of great quality, perfect for those smashers who easily make the ball come back to their side of the court, but with steady bounce and great durability.

Nox Padel: Probably the most aerodynamic padel balls on the market, with steady bounce and great durability. Their hardness is similar to Bullpadel Premium's and a bit softer than Head WTP's.

Head CS: the best-selling ball on the market due to its great quality-price ratio and durability, so that padel clubs and monitors choose this model for their training and tournaments. Among padel balls, this one is a bit harder but with great steady bounce and one of the most long-lasting.

Slazenger tie break: With no doubts, a great bet within padel balls, perfect for those players that want to buy cheap balls with good performance. As Dunlop is its manufacturer, it's a ball with vivid bounce and great stability as the other balls. However, the only key fact to highlight is that its durability is slightly shorter than the previously mentioned padel balls

Wilson Padel: These padel balls are intended for those players that prefer softer balls and eye-catching colours, improving its visibility on the court.

Dunlop Padel: Undoubtedly one of the steadiest and most trustworthy padel balls, but with a slightly shorter durability than the already mentioned balls.

Head Padel Pro S:  It is the new bet of Head for this 2019. Top-range ball, very swift and the official World Padel Tour ball this season. It provides durability and it is one of the swiftest padel balls on the market. Perfect for players with a powerful profile.

Bullpadel Gold: This is the top-range ball of the Company from Madrid, being very steady and swift. It adapts greatly to adverse temperatures. One of the best padel balls on the market.

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