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In our website you will be able to find a wide variety of shoes for men and women. Different models and prices featuring the top brands on the market: Asics, Bullpadel, Head, Kaiit, Kswiss, Lotto, Softee, Siux, Wilson, Varlion... Call our customer service if you have doubts about which shoes or rackets choose to play padel. Our experts will counsel you for you to be as happy as possible with your purchase. Make the most of each match.


We do constantly release new special offers for you to buy some great padel trainers at the best price on the market. Do not hesitate. Get your new padel shoes on our website. Gear up with padel’s finest equipment.


One of the most important aspects when choosing your new padel trainers is which sole you may need.

Types of outsoles in padel shoes:

Herringbone outsole: the most popular outsole among padel players. It displays a large durability, great grip, and a very good slide, always safely. 

Omni outsole: Outsole with the highest grip. Particularly recommended for its use over turf. Having a higher grip causes its durability to be lower. 

Mix outsole: Trainers with this composition are made for hard, cement surfaces, with a mix of herringbone and omni. These are not very common in padel courts since the main brands manufacture few units of this product. Another important factor in padel shoes is the existence of a great cushioning. With this, our joints will not suffer and the comfort while playing will be higher. One of the top brands regarding cushioning is Asics, from Japan. These manufacturers use the Gel system, which allows maximum absorption of impacts. Other brands like Bullpadel, Babolat, Head, Kswiss or Wilson use first-rate proprietary cushioning systems.  The structural reinforcement in padel shoes is an important factor in our search in order to improve its durability as far as possible. 

We hope that this information constitutes a great help for you to choose your ideal padel trainers. In case it is not enough and any doubt arises, you can call our customer service. Our experts will counsel you to find the most suited pair to your needs.


For this new season, new models have been released to the market by the top brands. Remarkable enhancement for a full enjoyment of our favourite sport with all the comfort. We would like to highlight Asics, Babolat, Head, Nike, Wilson, Bullpadel and Adidas, which are the most popular padel brands among enthusiasts. 

Asics earns the top spot at this list, being the brand with the highest sales of padel shoes this season, with the sponsorship of World Padel Two number 1, Fernando Belasteguin and Pablo Lima. 

Babolat announced the signing of the charismatic Miguel Lamperti, increasing their sales in 2023 with these signature trainers.

Two giants in sport shoes like Adidas and Nike have broken into the padel market, standing strong in order to compete for that position at the top of the list with Asics. The multinational company Head, with great tradition in racket sports maintains its presence in the padel market with a great number sales but nowhere near Asics. Spanish brand Bullpadel, with Paquito Navarro, padel professional league’s number 2, as its marquee signing, struggles for a greater acceptance of its product, providing great quality at an excellent price. At last, Wilson, another top brand in the padel shoes industry which has gained a large number of loyal enthusiasts by providing top-quality padel trainers.


On our padel online store you will be able to buy padel trainers and the newest padel shoes collections at the best rates on the market.

One of the most important and influential brands in the padel industry is the Japanese brand Asics. This company manufactures top-quality trainers which you will be able to find in our padel shoes section, with a wide variety of prices and qualities.

The reputable brand Head produces prime grade padel shoes. This company, with history working in the tennis sector, has long experience in the selling of padel shoes.

Joma is becoming a force this year with the sponsorship of the World Padel Tour. This brand produces high quality padel trainers at very affordable prices, becoming a preferred option for more and more amateur players. 

Another brand joining the sale of padel shoes is Bullpadel, from Madrid, struggling to earn a good spot and become a good option for padel players with little success.  Time will tell if they eventually achieve it or fall by the wayside. 

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What types of soles exist in paddle tennis shoes?


·Herringbone sole: the type of sole most requested by paddle tennis players. It is highly durable, with great grip and very good sliding on the track, but always safe.

·Omni sole: it is the sole that has the most grip. Recommended for artificial grass, although having a superior grip, the durability is less.

·Mixed Sole: the paddle tennis shoes that have this composition are indicated for hard cement surfaces. These soles made with a combination of herringbone and omni, are not frequent in paddle tennis courts, since the brands manufacture few units for this sport.


What is the best sole for your paddle tennis shoes?


The best sole to play paddle tennis is herringbone or clay, since it combines durability, grip and slides well on the court to avoid injuries.

How to choose the size of your padel shoes?


Although this question seems complicated, it is very simple. Just look on the tongue of your padel shoes for the centimeters it measures and take a table of the brand you want to buy and see that the size you choose has the same centimeters as the shoes you currently use. It is that easy to buy your new paddle tennis shoes and not make a mistake.

What are the best paddle tennis shoes this 2022?


The best paddle tennis shoes on the market correspond to the high ranges manufactured by Asics, Babolat and Joma. You only have to know if you want lighter or heavier padel shoes. In the technical characteristics of the brand's website you can see the weight and size and buy your perfect padel shoes.

What are the best quality-price paddle tennis shoes?


Without a doubt, they would be those of the Spanish brand Joma, since they make the best quality-price padel shoes.

What is the difference between paddle tennis and tennis shoes?


To answer this question, all you have to do is know that paddle tennis shoes with clay or herringbone soles are valid for both paddle tennis and tennis, omni-sole shoes are exclusive for paddle tennis and mixed soles are exclusive for tennis.

When to change your paddle tennis shoes?


The ideal is to change paddle tennis shoes every 6 months or 1 year. Although if you see that the sole wears out more and you slip, it is advisable to change padel shoes to avoid injuries. If, on the other hand, the material on your shoes breaks, it is also a good time to change.

Can tennis shoes be used for paddle tennis?


Only if they have a clay or omni sole, which is exclusive for paddle tennis, in the case of a mixed sole it is not recommended, since you can slip more than necessary on the court or have excessive grip and injure yourself.

What are the recommended padel shoes?


They are the paddle tennis shoes that fit into your budget, have good cushioning to protect your joints, highly durable clay soles and make you feel very comfortable on the court.

What is the best brand of paddle tennis shoes?


The best brand of padel shoes and sales leader in this sector is Asics Pádel.

What padel shoes for men do the professional players of the World Paddle Tour use?


We are going to analyze which padel shoes the professional players of the World Paddle Tour use, starting with the world numbers 1 and going down in the ranking, so that you know first-hand the men's padel shoes worn by the best players in the world and you you can play with them.

Couple of the Ranking Nº1

             Babolat Jet Premura Men: these are the padel shoes used by the drive player and number 1 on the World Padel Tour, Juan Lebrón. High-end paddle tennis shoes with herringbone soles with a very attractive design and very bright colours.
             Adidas Solecourt M: These are the padel shoes that Alejandro Galán has chosen to sweep the professional padel league. This model of high-end paddle tennis shoes from Adidas stands out for its sober design, its herringbone sole and the great comfort they have when putting them on.

Ranking Couple Nº2

             Bullpadel Hack Hybrid: these are the new padel shoes used by the great Paquito Navarro, to lift the public out of their seats on the World Padel tour. A model with very bright colors and herringbone sole.
             Joma Special Slam WPT: this model is the one worn by Martín Di Nenno, Paquito Navarro's new partner on the World Paddle tour this season. These paddle tennis shoes are the high range of Joma and present an incredible value for money.

Ranking Couple Nº3

             Head Revolt Pro Sanyo: The magician from San Luis, Carlos Daniel "Sanyo" Gutiérrez, who has chosen these top-of-the-range men's padel shoes from the Head brand. A very resistant and attractive model with a modern design. As usual for high-end paddle tennis, these paddle tennis shoes have herringbone or clay soles.
             Wilson kaos 3.0 Bela: Rey Fernando Belasteguín's shoes are a classic in the paddle tennis sector, a shoe with a more classic cut that stands out for its comfort and quality materials, mounting a herringbone sole and reinforcements throughout the shoe.

What are the main technologies of paddle tennis shoes?


We will answer this question by talking about the most important brands in the paddle tennis sector:

asics padel

             I.G.S: this technology is defined as a very specific form of construction, specific to this padel shoe, which makes the padel shoes more comfortable and comfortable when putting them on and has a firmer and more stable footstep when you play padel.
             Gel: One of the technologies that has made the Japanese firm famous, since the gel reduces the impact on the tread, generating great cushioning and a very comfortable tread.

These are the main technologies of the Asics brand padel shoes, although there are many more such as: californian slip lasting, duomax support system. board lasting, solyte, dynamic cradle, slip last, speva, fluidride, duotuss, spacetrusstic, trail sensor system, gender specific space trusstic, transition sole, propulsion plate.

Babolat paddle

             360 Flex: A technology that allows you to adapt to your new padel shoes, allowing very comfortable twists in your padel matches.
             Kprs-x: Cushioning system patented by the gala brand, which allows a more comfortable tread, which makes the joints suffer less when making sudden movements while playing paddle tennis.

Other technologies used by this brand's padel shoes are: Ortholite insole, PowerStraps, elaborated upper, X Support and Full Insock, Active Flexxion system, Power Belt.

What are the paddle tennis shoes with the best cushioning on the market?


With the experience we have in the sector of many clients who buy us padel shoes and ask us what is the best cushioning to prevent injuries, we opted for the Asics Pádel brand.

The high range of this firm incorporates gel technology in all the soles of the paddle tennis shoes, having superior cushioning and makes the joints suffer much less when you play paddle tennis.

This aspect is key in this sport, where you have to do a lot of starts and stops, and the knees suffer a lot. For this reason, having good paddle tennis shoes is highly recommended.

Can tennis shoes be used for padel?


To answer whether tennis shoes can be used for padel, the answer is absolutely yes, as many users might not know, but they are the same.

Let's explain this question in detail to clear up any doubts that many padel players might have. The shoes referred to as clay sole shoes in padel are the same as the tennis shoes used on clay courts. On the other hand, padel shoes with a mixed sole are the same as the tennis shoes used on hard courts.

Are there padel shoes without laces?


Yes, there are padel shoes without laces available for playing padel. If you are interested in this type of footwear, the only brand that manufactures them in the entire market is Drop Shot. One of the models without laces is the Drop Shot Naos-R XT padel shoes.

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