Advanced-level padel rackets

Padel rackets come in different levels, but if you want to know which ones are the most advanced currently for advanced and professional players, you're in the right place.

An advanced padel racket is the ultimate leap to improve your game. With a model of these features, you will feel the same as a professional player when hitting the ball.

The most outstanding advanced-level padel rackets for players today are:

Babolat Technical Viper 2024: This is one of the most sought-after and desired advanced-level padel rackets by all players. It is none other than the racket used by "Lobo" Juan Lebrón. It is a total offensive racket with a diamond shape, carbon fiber, and an extra-long grip for better shots.

Bullpadel Hack 03 2024: Paquito Navarro's main weapon for the entire 2024 season. It is the most complete advanced-level padel racket from the Spanish brand. It stands out this year for having changed a bit compared to previous years, with a more offensive, diamond-shaped mold. Manufactured with the best on the market, featuring the most spectacular technologies from Bullpadel.

Middle Moon Eclipse 7 Carbon Gold Black Series: Here we find the two Black Series from Middle Moon, two spectacular advanced-level padel rackets. Two different versions, one round, and one teardrop, they are a bit more offensive for players who want an extra boost in hitting.

Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro: This is the racket with which Sanyo Gutiérrez works magic on the court. A highly versatile racket, suitable for advanced players looking for control or power. It incorporates Foam rubber, providing a soft touch and high control. On the other hand, for better power, its teardrop shape gives us that extra boost in hitting.

These are some of the most outstanding and sought-after advanced-level padel rackets today, and many more are available.

As you can see, both Babolat, Bullpadel, and Head rackets are for professionals. You can experience the same sensations as the best padel players in the world.

Professional rackets are an interesting attraction for amateur players, and now they are accessible to everyone. Discover which one suits your game best and get it.

Women's advanced padel racket

Are you a demanding female player? Do you always look for the best for yourself? Well, in this category of advanced padel rackets, you will find what you are looking for. If you are looking for an advanced women's padel racket, you are in luck because our wide range will leave you speechless. However, advanced women's padel rackets are high-level models. You should consider your skill level to make the most of these models.

An advanced women's padel racket is one with which you can feel comfortable all the time, and you know just by looking at it that it has the best inside, such as top-level carbon fiber for a lightweight structure or a soft touch for better ball exit.

Now, these are some of the most outstanding advanced-level padel rackets for women that you won't be able to resist.

Bullpadel Vertex 04 Woman 2024: This is possibly the most powerful advanced women's padel racket on the market. Its diamond-shaped format makes it a total weapon on the court. If you are an offensive player, this is your ideal women's padel racket.

Black Crown Hurricane Pro: This is the most offensive racket from the Spanish brand designed for advanced professional female players. It is an advanced women's padel racket, carried by the brand's star player, Marta Marrero.

Middle Moon Eclipse 7 Carbon Rough Light: This is one of the most complete advanced padel rackets for female players. It stands out first of all for its low weight, around 350 grams. It is a model that can be handled perfectly, and its entire structure is made of carbon fiber. In addition, for an increased spin in your shots, it adds a rough surface.

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