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Drop Shot is a brand which has experienced great growth within the world of padel. They have as part of their team the best player of all time, Juan Martín Díaz, who plays a crucial role in their goal of becoming a leading company. They manufacture high-quality blades for all kinds of players.

Within the high range we can find the Drop Shot  PRO CARBON 3.0, a racket that provides balance, and the Conqueror 3.0m which is an attacking blade.

Drop Shot has always been a reference in the world of padel. It offers excellent quality models of all prices and for players of all levels. It is noteworthy to mention that the Conqueror  series is one of the most sold ones in the history of padel. It offers different models for players of all kinds of levels. This brand offers the best padel blades, which will not leave you indifferent.

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Drop Shot Padel

This brand offers a wide range of blades.

The Pro carbon is one of the best-selling blades in padel history. It is a reference for all those players who are looking for an easy adaptation blade. It has a wide contact point with good ball output and great control. It is entirely made of carbon, providing the blade a long-lasting durability and a better striking and comfort. This company moved its manufacturing base to Pakistan, a country where the foam produces powerful rebounds and a smooth play.

The blade that Juan Martín Díaz wields, the Drop Shot Conqueror, is a teardrop-shaped racket which grants great ball output, perfect for those offensive players who look for powerful strokes and a strong hitting sensation. 

Drop Shot padel rackets offers

We constantly post special discounts on Drop Shot blades, so that our customers have the best prices on the market on high-quality products. 

Among our featured offers we outline the Conqueror 2024 at an extremely attractive price. Another noteworthy-to-mention blade is the classical Drop Shot padel Pro Carbon 3.0, very balanced and smooth, with great control and good ball output. Another blade that we want to highlight is the Range Evo, a high-quality racket at an incredible price.



Once again this year, the Spanish brand Drop Shot  enjoys the amazing player Juan Martín Díaz as its stellar signing. He is playing this new World Padel Tour with the young back-handed player Ramino Moyano as partner. He is a spectacular player with an outstanding trajectory within the professional padel league.

Juan Martín will try this season to give his best in each match along with the ambition of his partner, in order to reach the highest worldwide level.

Within the Padel Rackets 2024 Collection models we highlight the Conqueror 5.0. This powerful blade grants a surprising control that will help you to finish off the point.

Wizard 2.0 is another model which Drop Shot players like the most. This is the most powerful blade of the entire collection. Those players with an offensive play style will consider it a referent.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more control in your play, the Bomber can fit your needs. This blade uses the same mould as the most sold one of the firm, the Pro Carbon. This racket will provide you with great control, very good ball output and a wide contact point.

Drop Shot 2024 Season 

This 2024 season, Drop Shot has very good prospects The star signing of the brand, Juan Martín Díaz, is back, and he is ready to give his best performance along with his partner, the amazing back-handed Spanish Paquito Navarro. An incredible combination that spreads their magic on the courts.

At the beginning of the season, Juan Martín Díaz reached several World Padel Tour semi-finals and a final. These achievements seemed to be unreachable for him last year, and now they are giving prestige to the brand at international level.

Within the new Drop Shot rackets Collection, a model to highlight is the Conqueror 6.0. This great blade is the one that Juan Martín wields and it is entirely made of 12K carbon, with a great ball output and high manageability.

Other models to outline due to their quality-price ratio are: Drop Shot Orbit, Apple pro Carbon Frame 2.0, Wizard, latitude 1.0, Groove...

The beginning of the 2024 season comes with high expectations placed upon Drop Shot The new model that Juan Martín wields, the Drop Shot Conqueror 7, is one of the most waited blades of the year.

The brand will also bring the new version of the Explorer, the Drop Shot Explorer 2.0. New models such as the Drop Shot Orbital, Sakura and Evoe arrive. On the other hand, some models come back, such as the Drop Shot Conqueror Pro 1.0, which recalls Juan Martín Díaz's first exclusive model.

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