HEAD was born in 1947 when the aeronautical engineer Howard Head invented the first ski, made of sheet metal. Three years later, he founded the ski brand Baltimore in North America.  After 5 years of hard work, the company became in 1955 the leading North American company in ski material sales.

In the 60's, Head established its racket sports department. They were pioneers with the first aluminium racket, introduced in 1969 in the U.S Open. Since that moment, Head padel sponsors top-level players such as Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

This brand's journey in the world of padel began in 2007 by signing the charismatic player Miguel Lamperti, followed shortly after by Mati Díaz. This couple achieved 3rd place in the world ranking.

Two years later they signed the "Messi of Padel". We are talking about the player that was the World Padel Tour number one, Fernando Belasteguín, who wielded the TORNADO GRAPHENE BELA to accomplish this achievement.

The greatest innovation of the brand has been the introduction of graphene in its padel rackets. Graphene is quite more resistant and harder than carbon, but lighter. Thanks to that, this great company has achieved to produce lighter rackets, more manageable and long-lasting. The brand of "Bela" is continuously innovating to offer the best to the market.

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Year after year, this great brand becomes more visible in the professional league of padel with the signing of exceptional players, such as the world number one Fernando Belasteguín, the world number two Sanyo Gutiérrez and multiple players from the "top ten" ranking. All those players lead Head to a cutting-edge position in this racket sport. 

This brand made a strong bet becoming the official ball of the professional circuit, the World Padel Tour, proving that Head came to the padel world to stay. One of the flagships of this amazing sport, which many amateur players enjoy passionately.

The new rackets collection of 2024 is simply spectacular. One of its most best-selling rackets is the Head Graphene Touch Alpha Pro, the racket that wields the number two of the world, Sanyo Gutiérrez. This drive player is incredibly skilful and has an outstanding striking power despite being a right-hand player.

Another well accepted racket is the model that the number one uses, the Head Graphene XT Delta Pro With CB. For the 2023 and 2024 Seasons we have the new HEAD GRAPHENE TOUCH DELTA HYBRID, a very powerful racket that also offers great control. Fernando Belasteguín wields this amazing blade in all his tournaments, where he sweeps along with his partner Pablo Lima.

Head padel rackets 2024

When referring to Head Padel, we are talking about a very prominent brand which strengthens itself as a leading padel company year after year.

The new Head padel rackets collection of 2024 is just breath-taking.  Its high-end racket is Sanyo Gutiérrez’s Head Graphene 360 alpha pro, a bare model in black and white. This model is very balanced, with a very pleasant touch in its hitting and a great ball output.

Another model which deserves to be highlighted within the Head rackets collection of 2024 is the Head Graphene 360+ delta hybrid. The new Delta Hybrid stands out for its powerful striking and nice feel. Undoubtedly, a racket which will make you enjoy your offensive play at the highest level.

One of the most sold head padel rackets in 2024 is the Head Monster Graphene XT 2.0. This model stands out for its wide contact point and the spectacular hitting comfort it provides, resulting in a perfect balance between control and power.

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What is the difference between the different models of Head rackets?


The main difference between the models in the new collection of Head rackets lies in the materials used.

For low-range Head rackets, they are entirely made of fiberglass, both the frame and the face, and their core is comfort foam. This composition gives low-range Head rackets a soft, smooth, and comfortable feel, providing great control and good ball output.

For mid-range Head rackets, the frame is made of carbon, and the face is made of fiberglass with Graphene 360+, which adds resistance and greater rigidity to the face. These rackets have a medium feel, very good control, and strong ball output.

Lastly, high-range Head rackets are made entirely of carbon fiber, both the frame and the face. Notably, the Speed series includes several models where the face is a combination of carbon and interwoven fiberglass to provide greater hitting comfort.

These high-range Head rackets offer great power in finishing shots with a pleasant feel in defensive shots, thanks to the comfort foam they incorporate.

What is the best Head racket for power?


The best Head racket for power is undoubtedly the one used by Arturo Coello in the World Padel Tour, the Head Xtreme Pro 2023.

This Head Delta Pro is one of the most powerful rackets on the market, although it should not be overlooked that it also offers excellent control from the back of the court with its large hitting zone.

What Head racket model is best for my level of play?


We will categorize the levels of play into three groups and recommend the Head racket models that best suit your needs.

Beginner Level – Prioritizing control, balance, and a large hitting zone:

  • Head Flash Gr Ye
  • Head Evo Sanyo
  • Head Evo Delta
  • Head Flash Bl Pi

Intermediate Level – Good control with a racket offering more power in attacking shots:

  • Head Graphene Monster
  • Head Speed Elite
  • Head Delta Elite
  • Head Graphene Explosion
  • Head Zephyr
  • Head Zephyr Pro

Advanced Level – Great power in all shots, where the player provides the control:

  • Head Delta Pro
  • Head Speed Pro X
  • Head Delta Motion
  • Head Speed Pro
  • Head Speed Motion
  • Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Xtr
  • Head Attitude

What features make Head padel rackets unique compared to other brands?


The features that make Head padel rackets stand out compared to other padel rackets are the use of Graphene material in their construction, which makes their rackets more resistant and durable. Additionally, they incorporate a unique foam rubber that is exclusive to this brand.

How to choose the right Head padel racket model for your skill level and playing style?


To choose a Head padel racket based on your skill level, consider the following: if you are a professional or advanced player, the Delta or Alpha series will suit you well. If you are an intermediate player, the Zephyr line is more recommended. Lastly, if you are a beginner, the Flash range will be your best option.

What innovative technologies does Head use in its padel rackets to enhance performance?


The innovative technologies that Head uses in its padel rackets include Auxetic, which is incorporated in the bridge of their high-end rackets. This technology provides a more pleasant impact feel by strategically distributing carbon in the bridge. When the carbon is stretched, the hitting surface increases, and when the carbon is compressed, the surface decreases. Another technology is the omission of a tubular frame, which results in a significantly larger sweet spot.

Which Head padel racket models are preferred by professional players and why?


The most popular models among professional players are the high-end Head series, which include the entire Head Delta Xtreme series, such as the Extreme Pro 2023, Extreme Motion 2023, Xtreme One 2023, and Xtreme Elite 2023. Additionally, the Alpha Speed line, which features models like the Head Speed Pro X, Speed Pro, Speed Motion, and Speed Elite, is also highly favored.

How do the weight and balance of Head padel rackets affect control and power in the game?


The weight and balance are highly related when choosing your new Head padel racket. If the racket has a high balance and is heavy, it will provide extra power. Conversely, if the racket has a low or medium balance and is lightweight, the Head racket will offer much more control.

What kind of maintenance and care do Head padel rackets require to prolong their lifespan?


For proper maintenance and care of Head padel rackets, it is recommended to carry them in thermally insulated racket bags, avoid hitting them unnecessarily during matches (even on a bad day), regularly replace the overgrip to keep it in optimal condition, and avoid exposing the racket to extremely high or low temperatures, as this can degrade the materials of your Head racket.

How does the price range of Head padel rackets relate to their quality and durability?


Head padel rackets at the professional level always have higher prices because they offer greater quality and durability. Conversely, Head rackets designed for beginner players are always more affordable and present lower quality and durability.

What warranties and after-sales services does Head offer for its padel rackets?


The warranties and after-sales services that Head offers for its padel rackets are among the best in the market. The Austrian company, being a major multinational in racket sports, always responds in a professional manner.

What are the latest trends and innovations in Head padel rackets?


The latest trends and innovations in Head padel rackets include the Head Xtreme Pro 2023, which is Arturo Coello's racket for the 2023 and 2024 seasons, the Head Xtreme Motion 2023, the Head Xtreme Elite 2023, and the Head Xtreme One 2023, which features a unique single-hole design.

Where can you find the best deals and promotions on Head padel rackets?


The best deals and promotions on Head padel rackets can always be found at Pádel Ibérico, one of the largest padel stores in the sector, offering a wide range of discounts available for you.

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