This brand was the first one to launch padel balls on the market,  the renowned Dunlop Padel. With a long trajectory, it produces high-quality padel balls to make you enjoy the best material in your club.

This brand was the first to launch a ball for playing padel on the market, the famous Dunlop padel ball. With its extensive history, it produces high-quality padel balls for you to enjoy at your club with the best equipment.

This brand continues to be the approved ball of the Spanish Padel Federation.

In this section, you can purchase packs of 3 balls and boxes of 24 packs, for a total of 72 balls. Take advantage of our offers to buy at a lower price.

Dunlop Padel Balls, a wide variety on Padel Iberico

As is well known, Padel Ibérico is one of the leading padel shops in the sector with a wide range of possibilities for purchasing sports equipment, and, as expected, in the Dunlop Padel balls category, you can find the following high-quality models:

Dunlop Pro Padel Balls: These are the top-of-the-line Dunlop Padel balls and offer great quality, making them very durable padel balls with lively bounce.

The kind of feeling used in their production is the same as that used in the top-of-the-line balls in the world's best factories. This makes the Dunlop Pro Padel ball a model to consider when choosing high-quality balls for your matches.

Dunlop Team Balls: If you're looking for a padel ball with excellent quality and price, you've found the right ball. These Dunlop Padel balls have good durability and a lively bounce, allowing you to bring the ball to your court with a powerful shot without any issues.

Boxes and packs of Dunlop Padel Balls in our catalog

If you're a passionate fan of Dunlop Padel balls, you're in luck because in our catalog, you can find all the models of Dunlop Padel balls in boxes of 24 packs or in individual packs of 3 balls. Don't hesitate any longer and buy your Dunlop Padel balls on sale at our padel store, as Padel Ibérico always offers the best prices.

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