A well-established brand in the sector with extensive experience in manufacturing padel rackets. Siux has managed to carve a niche for itself in the padel market, becoming one of the companies that sell the most rackets. This achievement is due to the great effort made by the brand to build rackets with the best materials and excellent features on the court, appealing to all types of players, whether they are advanced or beginners. A very important line of rackets to be taken into account. 

This new season, Siux has made significant investments in the professional Padel league, signing great players such as Franco Stupaczuk, currently ranked number 2 in the World Padel Tour. Another star signing is the Argentine player Sanyo Gutiérrez, a legend in the upper part of the rankings. Below them, players like Javi Ruiz, Lucho Capra, Patty Llaguno, Álvaro Cepero, and Jimena Velasco can be found.

In their catalog, you will find the best rackets in the market such as the SIUX ELECTRA ST2 STUPA PRO, SIUX REVOLUTION II SANYO PRO, SIUX SG COPPER EDITION, SIUX DIABLO, SIUX PEGASUS, SIUX BLACK CARBON, SIUX FENIX, SIUX SPYDER, SIUX TSUNAMI, SIUX GENESIS, SIUX SPARTAN, and SIUX TRILOGY models. These rackets are loved by all types of players. Manufactured in Spain, Pakistan, Asia, and Morocco with the best materials in the market and handcrafted.

Enter the SIUX RACKETS section and discover the wide variety of models. Different features and prices so you can find the racket that best suits you.

The most valued Siux padel rackets of this brand are:

  • In the Premium range, the Siux Electra ST2 Stupa Pro is Franco Stupaczuk's racket and has incredible features.
  • The Siux Revolution II Sanyo Pro model is one of the best rackets in the market. Very versatile in all aspects of the game. A racket for the player who wants a “top” product and wants to use the same padel racket as their idol in the World Padel Tour, Sanyo Gutiérrez.
  • The Siux Fenix III Javir Ruiz Pro, is the racket carried by Javi Ruiz in the professional padel circuit, being a racket with incredible performance and handcrafted in Spain.
  • The Siux Pegasus Graphene 1k is another model that is interesting to know in this range. A racket with an incredible feel and a great hitting sensation. It will bring everything you need to your most difficult matches.
  • In the high range, we find the Siux Spyder II Revolution Attack which is an attack model, being a very versatile racket, with a medium-hard touch and good ball exit, entirely made of carbon.
  • The Siux Tsunami and Siux Black Carbon are some of the top-selling models of this brand, for those who seek a balanced racket, but with more control, without giving up power.


With just one click you can buy your Siux padel racket. We have a wide catalog and as always with the best prices in the market. So, if you want to buy a good Siux racket, do not hesitate, as Siux Padel will not disappoint you. Take advantage of the great opportunity to buy your Siux racket in our online Padel store from home easily and with the best price available online.


For this year, Siux Padel is going all out, launching the best collection of rackets of all time, with impressive high-performance models.

With this step, Siux Padel wants to continue leading for another year as a leading brand in the Padel market.

One of the strengths of Siux Padel is being handcrafted in Spain, in one of the factories that make the best padel rackets at the national level, such as La fábrica del pádel. In previous seasons, rackets from other leading brands within the sector have also been built.

The signings of Franco Stupaczuk and Sanyo Gutiérrez for this 2024 season are key for the growth of the Spanish firm Siux Padel.

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