A protector is an indispensable element if we want to keep our racket like new. Protectors prevent our racket from receiving blows in the upper part of the frame, which is the most delicate part of the racket. When the ball is near to the glass, we may hit the wall with such a blow that may cause scratches, spalling, or even a complete rupture of the racket.
With a great protector we can prevent the racket from absorbing all the blows, since they are designed to absorb the impacts, and even receiving blows, they can last longer than the racket itself.

Some racket models come with protectors included, such as many Akkeron and Bullpadel series, or Varlion, which includes them in all their rackets. The negative part of built-in protectors is that they increase the balance of the racket and add considerable weight to the front part. We could notice much of a difference between an adhesive protector and another adhered to the racket. If you need a protector for your racket, we offer you a great variety of them, made of different materials, such as those made of carbon, the most resistant and used material. We highly recommend them.

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What types of padel racket protector are there?


There are these types of protectors in the paddle tennis market:
carbon guard

These protectors that are used to protect your paddle tennis racket from bumps and scratches are installed on the racket by means of heat and are very beautiful and sophisticated. They are called carbon effect protectors.
vinyl protector

They are the most used by paddle tennis brands, such as the Bullpadel protector, which is highly desired among fans of this sport. These padel racket protectors are made of plastic materials and there are smooth and granulated ones. Clearly the best are the granules.
Transparent padel racket protector

The transparent protectors to protect your racket frame are the most used, since they protect the paddle racket but the design remains intact and many fans of this wonderful sport like that.
Personalized padel racket protector

There are some paddle tennis brands and even plastic companies that make your padel racket protector with the design that you like the most, completely personalized.

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