Joma Sports brand is widely known by most sports people, with an extensive professional career in the world of sport. We can find this prestigious firm in different sports, such as tennis. Its previous work on tennis has given this company the expertise to succeed within the padel world. 

After many years involved in racket sports, Joma started to develop padel materials. Among its variety of figures from different scenarios, we can find Uri Botello and Javi Ruiz, two of the best doubles players in the padel industry. Two young players who are causing very good feelings among the professional circuit.

They consolidated in the 2024 season, becoming the official shoes brand of the World Padel Tour. This pushed Joma to establish itself as one of the best padel material manufacturers.

Joma can boast itself about being the option with the best quality-price ratio on the market, with a wide variety of models in the catalogue. On one hand, you can find the top of the range JOMA T. PRO ROLAND 805 CLAY AZUL or the JOMA T. SLAM MEN 906 RED CLAY models. There are also intermediate options, such as the JOMA T. SLAM MEN 811 FLUOR CLAY or the JOMA T. PRO ROLAND 706 ROJO CLAY models. At last, but no least, you can find the JOMA T. MATCH 803 MARINO CLAY or the JOMA T. SLAM W 703 MARINO CLAY if you want a more economic (but high-quality).

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What specific features make Joma padel shoes ideal for padel players?


Joma padel shoes are among the most comfortable on the market due to their advanced technologies aimed at providing the best comfort. This high level of comfort makes them some of the perfect padel shoes for padel players.

How to choose the correct size in Joma padel shoes to ensure maximum comfort and performance?


Choosing the correct size in Joma padel shoes is very simple. The size you usually wear in your everyday casual footwear will fit well, as Joma shoes have a normal fit. This makes selecting Joma padel shoes straightforward and convenient.

What technologies do Joma padel shoes incorporate to improve mobility and stability on the court?


Several of the technologies in Joma padel shoes to improve stability and mobility are: Joma Sportech Technology, which is a lightweight material in the upper part that offers comfort, as well as the Gel Eva insole.

Regarding stability, the predominant technology in Joma shoes is the Stabilys System, a stabilizer that provides an extra level of confidence with each step.

What is the average durability of Joma padel shoes and how to care for them to prolong their lifespan?


The durability of Joma padel shoes depends on how often you use them. If you are a regular player who plays 2-3 times a week, the estimated lifespan of Joma shoes is between 6 months and 1 year.

To provide the best care for your padel shoes, avoid leaving them outdoors for extended periods, especially in direct sunlight. It's important to air them out by placing them near a window to prevent bad odors, but make sure they are not exposed to the sun for too long




How do Joma padel shoes compare to other brands in terms of quality and price?


When comparing Joma padel shoes to other brands, the Spanish firm Joma clearly stands out as the winner. The price of their padel shoes is very low across all models, allowing you to access high-end footwear for the price of a mid-range shoe from any other brand.

What opinions do professional padel players have about Joma shoes?


Many professional padel players use Joma shoes due to their comfort and high quality. Their opinions are undoubtedly very positive, as they require the best for their competitions. If they trust Joma, it is because they are satisfied with the shoes and their performance.

What recent innovations has Joma introduced in its padel shoes?


The most recent innovations in Joma padel shoes include the ONE PIECE system, which offers shoes made from a single piece, enhancing durability and flexibility.

Another recent innovation is the VTS technology, which consists of perforations for better sweat ventilation, helping to prevent bad odors.


Where can you find the best deals and discounts on Joma padel shoes?


At our store, Pádel Ibérico, you will find the best deals on Joma shoes, guaranteed. We offer great discounts on padel shoes from this brand, making our prices some of the lowest you will find in the market.

What tips should you follow to select the right Joma padel shoe according to the type of court?


For the correct selection of Joma shoes, especially for a padel surface with a lot of sand, we recommend a clay sole shoe, as it provides the best grip.

On the other hand, for a World Padel Tour court, where sand is not noticeable on the surface, a mixed sole would be the best choice.

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