BLACK FRIDAY PADEL 2023 is the best time to get equipped with padel material at the best price of the year, since we get prepared thoroughly to offer our clients the best brands, such as Nox Padel, Bullpadel, Head, Asics, Middle Moon, Star Vie, Drop Shot etc. at the best price on the market 

Black Friday Padel has become a time for enthusiasm, where players that are beginning in this amazing world make their purchases through incredible offers that are not seen throughout the rest of the year, so that they can get top range material at much more affordable prices.

This American tradition has come to Europe stomping and has become the perfect moment to buy around the world. Undoubtedly, many clients decide to acquire their new padel material in Padeliberico during Black Friday, as we are a reference in the industry.

In the last few years, Black Friday has become the most awaited week by the customers that buy through our web, Padelibérico. This week our online page is full of incredible sales and discounts, only seen at this time of the year. On this Black Friday 2023, we aim to break all records, offering rock-bottom prices, so that all padel players can find what they are looking for, such as rackets, footwear, padel bags, accessories and clothing.

On our website you can find these products of the best brands in the sector such as: Bullpadel, Babolat, Drop Shot, Middle Moon, Nox, Vibora Pádel, Varlion, Enebe, Black Crown, Asics, Joma, Head Padel... and much more!

Also, if you have any doubt about which offer or product best suits you, our customer service will assist you by phone or via WhatsApp, providing what you need this Black Friday 2023. Don't miss this opportunity and keep an eye on our offers, which will show up on the web banners. Remember to visit PadelIbérico this Black Friday 2023, your true and genuine padel shop.

These months are being tough, so we consider that it's the best moment to offer you our best sales and discounts. On our website you will find during this Black Friday 2023 discounts on rackets, footwear and padel bags that will leave you speechless. Don't miss what's coming!

The best rackets on Black Friday Padel 2023

Black Friday 2023 will be the best moment of the year to get a new racket taking advantage of the incredible offers and discounts that you can find on our website.  Do you want to hit the ball like Maxi Sanchez? To have Sanyo Gutiérrez's accuracy? Or do you want a versatile racket that gets adapted to your playstyle? You will find all this and much more in Padelibérico, in our rackets section at a spectacular price during the Black Friday 2023 week.

Furthermore, with the BLACKFRIDAY coupon you will get an extra 10% on products on our website, being able to get what you are looking for at the best price on the Internet. Among the padel rackets that you will be able to get throughout our website at the best price on this Padel Black Friday 2023, we have brands such as Bullpadel, Black Crown, Babolat, Head, Royal Padel, Nox, Middle Moon, Softee, Varlion or Vibora, among others. So whether you are a hitting backhand, a forehand player with great control or a versatile padel player who adapts to different game situations, you will surely find a padel racket that adapts to your style.

Nox padel rackets on sale - Black Friday 2023

Nox Padel is one of the most popular padel brands worldwide. It has become one of the most prominent padel brands. A top firm on the market and the Official racket in the World Padel Tour circuit. One of the most important brands on the industry. Impressing us every new season.

Here we have the best deals on Nox padel rackets for this Black Friday 2023.

Nox AT10 Genius Luxury Genius Arena 2023

This model wielded by Agustín Tapia is considered to be the best current Nox Padel racket. Find it at an unbelievable price in our Black Friday Padel Rackets 2023 section. Don't miss out our deals and buy online at the best prices.

With sandpaper finish and 12K carbon fibre, the Nox AT10 Genius Luxury Genius Arena 2023 stands out for offering a great combination of control and power, being one of the most balanced padel rackets, with all the necessary power given by its teardrop format.

Nox ML10 Luxury Bahia 2023

Another precious member of the Nox padel rackets 2023 collection. The Nox ML10 Luxury Bahia 2023 is one of the padel rackets chosen by Miguel Lamperti for the 2023 season, along with the Nox ML10 Pro Cup, a model which gets better and better every season.

The Bahía model guarantees the best control on the court. It is a very well balanced padel racket to stand out from the backline.

Nox ML10 Luxury Shotgun 2023

Miguel Lamperti's preference in terms of power constitutes the most powerful padel racket by Nox. An extremely powerful model thanks to its diamond format.

In case you are looking for a powerful padel racket, don't miss the opportunity to get yours this Black Friday 2023.

Nox ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition Arena

One of the most special padel rackets by Nox, along with the aforementioned models. A differently designed ML10 Pro Cup, with a rough surface. We love this rough coat of rough varnish because it guarantees the best  effects in the game.

Bullpadel rackets on sale - Black Friday 2023

One of the best padel rackets collection for season brought by one of the most important padel firms on the market: Bullpadel. Find the best prices during our Black Friday 2023. If you enjoy the products of this brand, take a look at our Black Friday deals in Bullpadel, the most impressive offers on the market. We would like to highlight the following models:

Bullpadel Hack 02 2023

Paquito Navarro's deadliest weapon. A star member of the Bullpadel roster, and one of the best players in the world, wields this  powerful padel racket with great control and teardrop format. With 18K carbon fibre.

Pay attention to our deals in our Black Friday Padel Rackets 2023 section.

Bullpadel Vertex 03 2023

The most sought after model among the Bullpadel collection. Do not hesitate: this is the best scenario to buy your new Bullpadel racket.

A powerful model with high balance and diamond format, 100% made of carbon fibre, with the most advance technologies on the market.

Bullpadel Flow 2023

Get one of the best padel rackets for female players during this Black Friday: the Bullpadel Flow 2023. The preferred option by professional player Alejandra Salazar, a model to stand out from the baseline, with teardrop format and great power.

Babolat padel rackets on sale - Black Friday 2023

If one brand stands out above the rest, it is Babolat. Babolat's high-end models are now available at the best price during this Black Friday 2023.

Some of the best Babolat models are:

Babolat Technical Viper 2023

This brand was chosen by the world no. 1 player, Juan Lebrón. The most brutal padel racket in terms of attack. Take advantage of our Black Friday 2023 deals if you are looking for a new Babolat model.

Pure power, high balance, 12K carbon fibre, and one of the best designs ever made by Babolat.

Babolat Air Viper 2023

A more balanced model for players looking for more control without losing power. We highlight its good and easy handling in every situation of the game.

A hard padel racket with carbon fibre and unbeatable power and control.

Babolat Counter Viper 2023

One of the best models in terms of control of the Babolat 2023 padel rackets collection. The Babolat Counter Viper 2023 is synonymous to control and all the quality by Babolat.

So, be on notice: this Black Friday, keep an eye on our deals in Babolat padel rackets

Middle Moon padel rackets on sale - Black Friday 2023

Our Black Friday deals for Middle Moon padel rackets is going to be unmatched. Why?

Middle Moon has made a name for itself thanks to its premium models. With a collection mostly composed of high-end, professional padel rackets, available at a shocking price during this Black Friday.

This Black Friday 2023 find the most iconic models of the firm, such as:

Middle Moon Eclipse 7 Carbon Gold Black Series

One of the best padel rackets of the brand. Made for all tastes, it is the most spectacular padel rackets that we've had the pleasure to use in our store. Everything needed to succeed. With 3K carbon fibre, anti-vibration foam to prevent inuries, and rough surface.

Middle Moon Eclipse 7 Carbon Gold Attack Black Series 2023

Insane power. Thunderous sound. Perfect handling. The Gold Attack Black Series is the preferred option for the most demanding padel players. The most complete padel racket on the market, with very high ball output and easy handling.

Middle Moon Atila Carbon 12K Rugosa 2023

Find the most powerful Middle Moon padel racket at the best price during the Black Friday 2023.

A powerful padel racket, with teardrop format and medium balance to dominate the game from the baseline. A good combination of control and power.

The Atila model incorporates 12K carbon and a layer of graphene.

We have the most impressive prices for Middle Moon padel rackets in our Black Friday 2023 section. Pay attention to the latest updates of our online store.

Head padel rackets on sale - Black Friday 2023

Head Padel is one of the most recognized brands and an icon, both in tennis and padel, available in our Black Friday 2023 section. The favourite option of some of the best padel players in the world, such as Sanyo Gutiérrez.

We would like to highlight the following Head models for the 2023 season:

Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro 2023 Black White

The official padel racket of one of the best players of all time, Sanyo Gutiérrez. This model gets a new update every season in terms of design and features. This Black Friday 2023 is the best scenario to get yours at the best price.

A very complete padel racket, with teardrop-diamond format, which offers spectacular control. Its carbon fibre composition together with the Graphene 360 technology create a totally unique gaming sensation.

Head Monster Graphene XT 2.0 2023

This padel racket is a jewel within the Head 2023 padel rackets collection. Absolute control to dominate the game. It is a model made of carbon fiber and Graphene in its entirety. It incorporates Foam Rubber to reduce vibrations provide a soft touch when hitting the ball.

It is one of the best and most remarkable padel rackets by Head for this Black Friday Padel 2023.

Star Vie padel rackets at a discount - Black Friday Padel 2023

If you are looking forward to getting a Premium padel racket, you should also take a look at Star Vie, as it is among the leading brands. It sponsors professional players in the world's top such as Franco Stupaczuk or Matías Díaz Sangiorgio.

The Star Vie Padel Rackets Black Friday 2023 collection aims to bring the best rackets of the brand at a much lower price than the rest of the year.

The most cutting-edge professional padel rackets by Star Vie are:

Star Vie Raptor 2023

Franco Stupaczuk is the wielder of this jewel when competing. Round-shaped racket of hard touch, thus providing outstanding power on the court. It is one of the most powerful round-shaped padel rackets of the year.

It has a rough layer, carbon fiber and advanced technologies. Take advantage of this Black Friday Padel 2023.

Star Vie Metheora Warrior 2023

This is the padel racket wielded by Matías Díaz, a legendary player that still plays for the Spanish brand Star Vie.

The Star Vie Metheora Warrior 2023 has always stood out for being the model that offers the most control on the court. Its round shape and the new Star Balance technology will improve our technical moves and accuracy when shooting the ball.

Padel shoes - Black Friday Padel 2023

Incredible discounts in our section of Black Friday Padel Shoes 2023. You will find the best padel shoes at the best price. Have you been waiting all year long for a good offer? Don't wait anymore and benefit from these discounts, as they will last very little time.

You will find padel shoes from the leading brands, such as Asics Padel, Babolat Padel, Drop Shot, Head Padel, Nox Padel and Joma Padel, among others. You should keep an eye on our offers these days because everything runs out very quickly. We have the best prices on the market. The best opportunity to buy a nice pair of padel shoes is to visit our Padel Shoes Black Friday 2023 special section.

Among our most remarkable shoes you can find premium models such as the Asics Court FF Novak Clay Blue Print / White, a model worn by Novak Djokovic when he plays on clay surfaces. You can also get the Head Sprint Pro 3.0 Sanyo Marino Red DBNR, which are used by Sanyo Gutiérrez.

Take advantage of all our offers on padel shoes because it will be worth it. You have never had such a cheap shoe. Benefit from our Padel Shoes Black Friday 2023.

Asics Padel Shoes - Black Friday 2023

One of the most cutting-edge brands and probably the best one on the market is Asics Padel. The Japanese giant arrives this 2023 season in full swing, bringing a wide collection of padel shoes to choose from and at increasingly better prices. Its models are aimed at all kinds of players, regardless of their level.

For this Black Friday Padel Shoes 2023, we have selected the best assortment of Asics so that every player has a model that fits them in terms of value for money.

Some of the models to stand out among Asics padel shoes are, for instance, the Asics Gel Padel Lima FF Monaco Blue / Orange Pop. These are the ones worn by Pablo Lima and one of the best options in padel shoes due to their great quality-price ratio. High-end, clay sole, resistant fabric and an eye-catching design for daring players.

Another novelty that you can find in our online padel store are the shoes of Novak Djokovic, with a clay sole to give your best on the court. We are talking about the Asics Court FF Novak Clay Blue Print / White, which are the most Premium Asics padel shoes. The Black Friday Padel Shoes is the best time to get hold of them because there won't be another opportunity like this, at least until next year.

The best Babolat shoes - Black Friday Padel 2023

Babolat Padel has gone all out this year to give us the best padel gear. Babolat increasingly bets on a wide variety of padel shoes at irresistible prices. They are very cheap considering their high quality and in comparison with other brands.

Babolat padel shoes will always be a wise choice. This year we unveil the Babolat section on this Black Friday 2023. For this reason, if you were waiting to get a nice pair of padel shoes from this brand, you should pay attention to the great discounts that we have prepared for you.

One of the most remarkable shoes of this section are the Babolat Jet Premura Men Gray / Sulfur Spring models, which are the highest end at the moment along with the Babolat Movea Men and the Babolat Sensa Women. These are high-range models that are manufactured with Michelin sole technology. This is a special sole system for sliding surfaces such as padel courts. We will boast the best grip but also the best durability.

Babolat padel shoes are one of the most interesting options for this Black Friday Padel 2023.

Padel racket bags - Black Friday Padel 2023

Are you thinking about complementing your purchase? Do it with a high-end padel racket bag at the lowest possible price. Our discounts on this Black Friday Padel 2023 are incredible. A padel racket bag is essential for you since it allows you to carry your equipment comfortably and also safely. You will keep all your gear well stored and protected while you play your matches.

There will be plenty of padel racket bags on offer this Black Friday Padel 2023, and as could not be otherwise, we are working hard to put at your disposal the best ones.

Which brands can you find? Babolat Padel, Bullpadel, Drop Shot, Dunlop, Head, Nox Padel, Vibora Padel or Star Vie. A wide range of models and combinations so that you can be fully equipped this season.

Accessories on offer - Black Friday Padel 2023

In the section of Black Friday Padel Accessories you can also find amazing discounts. We all know that it would be very difficult to play this sport comfortably without accessories. For this reason, we put at your disposal a wide variety of wristbands, padel protectors for the racket frame, and of course a comprehensive range of overgrips from different brands such as: Vibora, Softee, Wilson (of all kinds), Nexus or Babolat, among others.

You cannot miss out on the Black Friday Padel 2023 Accessories section.

Padel balls - Black Friday 2023

Do you want to boast the best padel balls and get them on Black Friday Padel 2023? Then, you can't miss this chance. We have a wide range of padel balls. The Padel Balls Black Friday 2023 arrives to bring you the best balls on the market. Brands and models such as the Head WPT and the Head Padel Pro S WPT. Both are the two best padel balls on the market right now and the ones used in the World Padel Tour.

You will also find Vibora Padel models. Vibora padel balls are incredible and one of the best options on the market. Great bouncing and amazing duration.

Other of the most interesting padel balls that you can get are the ones manufactured by Nox. Like the balls by Vibora Padel and the Head Pro and Pro S, they are among the most complete and premium ones on the market.

Black Friday Padel Balls 2023 is a great opportunity to buy everything you need for your next matches. Moreover, we can find models of Babolat Padel, Dunlop Padel or Black Crown.

Padel clothes - Black Friday

Black Friday Padel is a golden opportunity to gear up with the best padel clothes. With a wide range of leading brands such as Asics Padel, Babolat, Head Padel, Drop Shot or Star Vie among others... you can choose your outfit at the best price on the market, as always.


In Padel Ibérico, Black Friday Padel 2023 is different. You will enjoy the best discounts on padel rackets. The best offers to be 100% equipped throughout the year.




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