We sell every element needed for playing padel. Padel Ibérico offers a large variety of great padel bags, from every brand and for every type of player. 
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Padel bags are designed to carry your balls, clothing, and all kinds of accessories from home to your padel club. 
We provide you the best padel bags brands: Akkeron, Black Crown, Bullpadel, Dabber, Drop Shot, Dunlop, Enebé, Head, Nox, Padel Session, Siux, Slazenger, Softee, Volkl, Varlion, Wilson, etc. In each brand section you will find a great range of models sorted by price, and take advantage of our special offers. 
When you have such an amazing variety of models, your shopping experience will be superior, and will always find what matches you.

The padel bag is a faithful companion for every padel enthusiast. This perfect addition to your gear helps you to organise all your padel material in the best possible way, anticipating from losses and robberies, having all your belongings and accessories located in the same place, and protecting your padel racket as well.

You can select different size padel bags according to your necessities. For example, you could need a bigger bag to carry a spare set of clothing, drinks, etc.

We have made a great effort to help our customers find their new padel bag, facilitating a very user-friendly search. Find the best discounts on our website, receive your new padel bag at home in 24-48h and enjoy the finest quality products.

2024 Padel Bags

Brands renew their catalogues for this new season with new attractively designed and quality updated padel bags, to improve their positions on the market and better draw the player's attention. The brands with the major novelties are:

Siux: has released a top-quality, premium bags collection. Let’s talk about their range-topping models: Siux Diablo and Siux Diablo Granph. These models have a great design and high-quality finishes. Their big storage capacity allows the player to carry four padel rackets inside the two side compartments, and with a central pocket to save your clean clothes, accessories and your padel shoes. They also come with a compartment to carry the clothes you’d used in the match.

On this brand’s mid-range section, we find the Siux Spartan and Siux Spyder models, two big padel bags, to carry up to three rackets, your accessories, clothes, and footwear, carefully designed with high-quality materials to bring you the best of the best.

Bullpadel: this brand from Madrid, Spain, has a broad range of padel bags available. The padel bags of professional players like Maxi Sánchez and Paquito Navarro constitute its top-range models. These have a great capacity to carry up to four rackets, your clothes, accessories, footwear, with an extra pocket for your dirty clothes.

On its middle range, you can find the also great Bullpadel Avantaline in blue and orange, with one of the best quality-price ratio on the market.

A big, but not enormous padel bag.

Bullpadel also provides users with a lower range product line, with models like the Bullpadel Vigore and the Bullpadel 17004 Funline. These are perfect for those players who want to get their first quality padel bag to carry one or two rackets, their clothes and accessories. These are also two very comfortable models, easy to carry if you go to your club by bike, as you can use it like a backpack.

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How to choose your padel racket bag?


When buying your new padel racket bag, we see that there are many brands, sizes, designs and endless models. What we have to ask ourselves is what use are we going to give to that new paletero that we buy. The first thing you go to your club by motorcycle or car, if the answer is that you go by motorcycle, it is best to buy a medium or small padel racket bag that you can carry on your back as a backpack or directly a paddle backpack if you have few things what to put On the other hand, it is also important to know how many blades you want to put inside the padel racket bag and if you want to wear shoes and clothes inside your new padel racket bag. If so, you need a large padel racket bag, if you only have a racket and some clothes with a small padel racket bag or a paddle backpack you will have plenty.

Why buy a paletero?


The answer is very simple, since transporting with your new padel racket bag all the padel items that you bring to your club is very easy and comfortable. On the other hand, we also protect our paddle tennis racket so that it has greater durability.

How many blades fit in a paletero?

Larger paleteros can fit up to 5 or 6 blades. These are distributed as follows:

- 2 paddle tennis rackets in the compartments on the sides, for a total of 4 rackets.

- 2 more rackets in the central compartment of the racket bag.

What is the ideal size of a padel bag for my needs?


The ideal size of a padel bag is one that can comfortably carry all your padel accessories. If you have several padel rackets, shoes, clothes, and accessories, we recommend choosing a large padel bag. If you only have one padel racket, clothes, and accessories, a medium padel bag would suffice. If you only have a racket and balls, a medium padel bag would be more than enough.

How do the materials of the padel bag affect its durability and weight?


The higher the quality of the materials of a padel bag, the greater its durability will be. For this reason, if the bag uses high-quality materials such as rigid carbon, its weight will also be greater.

What design features should I look for for easy transport and comfort?


For a padel bag that is easy to transport, you should buy a small or medium padel bag that can be carried as a backpack.

How can I ensure adequate protection for my padel rackets and equipment?


To ensure adequate protection for your padel rackets, it is recommended to have a thermal compartment in the bag, as this guarantees the protection of the rackets by being insulating, preventing high temperatures from deteriorating your padel racket.

What is the quality-price ratio in padel bags on the market?


Spending around €45 on a medium or large padel bag from one of the major brands such as Nox, Head, Wilson, Drop Shot, Black Crown, Víbora, Babolat ensures a great quality-price ratio.

What is the quality-price ratio in padel bags on the market?


Spending around €45 on a medium or large padel bag from one of the major brands such as Nox, Head, Wilson, Drop Shot, Black Crown, Víbora, Babolat ensures a great quality-price ratio.

Are there specific padel bag options for women or children?


There are specific padel bags for women, which feature feminine designs in pink or turquoise colors. However, there are no specific padel bags for children, so it is advisable to buy a small padel bag or backpack that is lightweight and easy for a child to carry.

What storage capacity should I look for according to my level of play?


If you are a more professional player and carry several padel rackets, shoes, balls, clothes, and accessories, it is recommended to carry a large padel bag. On the other hand, if you are an intermediate or beginner player with only one padel racket and accessories, a medium or small padel bag would be sufficient.

What are the latest trends and innovations in padel bags?


The latest trends and innovations come from the major brands in the padel sector, such as Nox, Head, Wilson, Bullpadel, Babolat, Víbora, and Drop Shot. This new season 2023-2024, the focus is on sober bags with large capacity and thermal compartments.

Where can I find the best offers and discounts on padel bags?


At Pádel Ibérico, you can find the best offers and discounts on padel bags in a wide selection of products.

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