A brand with a long tradition in the padel market. Varlion padel rackets offer high quality and durability for the players. It is committed to the use of high-quality materials and innovative technologies. Its diffuser is inspired by the advances in F1. It has spent years improving motorsports with technical products, sponsoring several teams with the purpose of expanding the brand and favoring other sports such as Polo and padel. Nowadays, it continues to work hard on this, improving its products every day, working meticulously in the smallest details.

This brand displays a wide catalog of models of different styles and colors.

  • Varlion Cañón. One of the most powerful rackets on the market. Entirely made of carbon and Eva Hypersoft rubber for a major power and ball output.

  • Varlion Avant. A teardrop, more balanced racket, to improve every aspect of your game.

  • VARLION LETHAL WEAPON CARBON 3 LTD A more round-shaped, medium-balanced racket which allows you direct the ball as you wish. A racket with a better control.

Varlion has established itself as one of the best-selling brands in history. Online stores currently receive hundreds of orders for this brand per day, both for padel rackets and other products. Thanks to the quality of its products and the investment on marketing, this brand has expanded greatly. In Varlion, they work every day to improve its products, updating its models for this cause. In 2024, Varlion added a material called basalt, improving the performance and touch of its high-end models. If you want to know more about this brand, enter our catalog and discover it...

Several players in the professional padel league use or have used this brand. MarketTwo of the best known figures of Varlion are the brazilian player Pablo Lima, No.2 of the World Ranking, who played with Varlion in 2013, and the Argentine player Sebastian Nerone (the best viper on the professional circuit) is currently sponsored by this brand, along with a great number of professional players.


You can find a wide catalog of Varlion rackets on our website, always at the best prices. To buy your new Varlion racket has never been easier. Benefit from our clearance offers and get your new padel racket at the best price.

Our experts can counsel you in order to get your padel racket from Varlion , a very meticulous brand regarding its models, with rackets for every taste.

When choosing, you will find differently shaped blades:

  • Diamond shaped considered by Varlion as the most powerful. We highlight the VARLION BOURNE SUMMUM CARRERA 25 S.

  • With round shape and soft rubber for people seeking control and have sensitive elbows. For example, the VARLION LW H CARBON 6 2023.

In short, the Varlion padel rackets constitute a blade with the ability to adapt to any player, turning out to be one of the most multi-purpose brands on the market. Find the best products on our padel store.

* Visit our blog to read a deep analysis of the VARLION PADEL RACKETS.

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