Vibor-a is a brand born with the aim of manufacturing exclusive, high-quality products, taking maximum care of every single detail. With the "better quality than quantity" motto, Vibora manufactures all of its rackets in an artisanal way in Spain, so the customers can always put their hands on a first-class product.

Because of its willingly desire to grow, Vibor-a has made heavy investments by signing numerous top players from the World Padel Tour, such as Cristian Gutiérrez, an extraordinary competitor who was signed in 2024. Another franchise player who shares the philosophy of the brand is the Argentine player Maxi Gabriel. He performs consistently in the drive position, earning a place in the World Padel Tour top 10.

Vibora offers a very large padel rackets collection. The brand manufactures rackets for all kinds of players. We would like to highlight:

  • KING COBRA,  a powerful racket with a strong sound on the court.

  • YARARA SPECIAL EDITION is a well-balanced racket, with the finest quality materials and a gorgeous design. 

  • CASCABEL, for those players who like round shaped rackets with a sweet spot without neglecting the hit.

  • VIBOR-A BLACK MAMBA, a well-balanced racket with great ball output, for both drive and backhand players.

Vibor-a incorporates two revolutionary materials of the highest quality in its rackets to give them superior durability. Such as Kevlar, a material used to manufacture bulletproof vests, and  Graphene, which is the material of the future with an infinity of qualities that makes it the target of many studies, with contributions to today's science.


We offer an extra 15% off in every model. Gifts included in every order so that our customers can be as happy as possible with their purchase. In addition, you can opt for the packs, an ideal option to give as a gift. Vibor-A is always a safe bet. Take a look at the new collection and get the best in padel material always at the best price.

Vibor-a quality


The new Vibor-A rackets collection is being warmly welcomed, thanks to its new "Liquid" technology, which gives them a more pleasant touch when hitting the ball. The best-selling racket of this season is the one wielded by the brand's spearhead player, the Argentine drive player, Maxi Sánchez, who plays with the Víbora Black Mamba Edition 2024 model.

Another novelty of this 2024 is the launch of the Diva model, the most expensive racket on the market. Addressed to those demanding players looking for an exclusive product encrusted with Swarovski crystals. This shows that the Spanish company based in Madrid reinvents itself once again, producing top quality, handcrafted products in its new factory.


After some signs of wear shown by Vibora Padel this 2024, its image rights have been bought by one of the strongest sports groups in Spain, in order to manufacture Vibora padel rackets in both national and international territory. We are referring to Jim Sport, a company based in Galicia with great potential to take Vibora Padel to the top of the brands in the business.

This 2024 season, Vibora Padel Rackets have been manufactured under the usual quality demands to which we are accustomed with this brand, updating its classic models, like the Vibora King Cobra, Yarara Edition, Yarara, Mamba and Naya, along other new models which we will comment later on. This year, 1K carbon has been used for a new series of Vibora padel rackets. This carbon is the most flexible of all, creating rackets with great playability and an exquisite touch.

As we said before, this new product line by Vibora is called Lethal, with three models available within this collection: the Lethal Hibrid, with hybrid foam, 24K carbon surfaces, and 6K carbon tubular. Lethal Attack, with 24K carbon surfaces and 3k carbon frame, and at last, but not least, the Vibora Lethal Advance, with a more adjusted price, entirely made of carbon.

We can assure that with its 2024 padel rackets, Vibora aims to strike a decisive blow in the padel market. Get yours at and receive extra gifts .

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What unique features do Víbora padel rackets offer compared to other brands?


The unique features that Víbora padel rackets offer compared to other brands include high durability, a unique and pleasant feel, a strong and dry sound, high-recovery EVA soft rubber, and they are handcrafted in Spain.

How to choose the right Víbora padel racket model according to your skill level and playing style?


To choose a Víbora padel racket based on your skill level in the game, it is recommended that beginner players opt for round-shaped rackets, as they offer greater control and a larger hitting surface. For advanced or professional players, Víbora rackets with teardrop or diamond shapes would be the most suitable to maximize performance.

What innovative technologies do Víbora padel rackets incorporate to enhance performance?


The most important technologies in Víbora padel rackets include the use of aramid reinforcements throughout the racket's structure. Aramid is a very durable fiber, which provides greater longevity to the racket.

Another notable innovation that Víbora rackets have introduced to the padel sector is the Liquid concept. This technology involves the use of resins that bond the racket's surface with its rubber, resulting in a more pleasant feel and an enlarged hitting area.

What is the price range of Víbora padel rackets and how does it relate to their quality?


The prices of Víbora padel rackets range from €350 to €80, with the most expensive rackets being the highest-end models and the least expensive being lower-end models.

However, for previous years' Víbora rackets, you can find high-end rackets on offer for around €120. These are opportunities that more experienced players often take advantage of to purchase a Víbora racket with an excellent quality-to-price ratio.

What opinions and reviews do professional players have about Víbora padel rackets?


Professional players have very positive opinions and reviews about Víbora padel rackets, as many choose to play with this brand in the professional padel league.

It is important to highlight that Víbora Padel is one of the most established brands in the sector and manufactures top-quality padel rackets.

How do the balance and weight of a Víbora padel racket affect the playing experience?


As with any padel racket, it is always recommended to purchase a high-balance racket with a low weight to reduce the sensation of heaviness and prevent injuries.

If the Víbora racket has a low balance, a higher weight can be chosen since the weight distribution towards the handle will make it feel lighter.

For high-balance Víbora rackets, the ideal weight range is 355 to 368 grams for men and 345 to 355 grams for women.

For round-shaped Víbora rackets, a weight range of 360 to 380 grams is recommended for men and 350 to 360 grams for women, depending on your body build.

Which Víbora padel racket models are most suitable for defensive or attacking players?


The most suitable Víbora rackets for attacking players are the King Cobra, Yarará, and Mamba models. For defensive players, the most recognized Víbora racket models are the Taipan and Bamboo.

What warranties and after-sales services does Víbora offer for its padel rackets?


The warranty and after-sales service that Víbora Padel offers for its rackets are the best in the market. This highly reputable brand is supported by one of the most established companies in the sports sector, the Jimsports Group.

How do Víbora padel rackets compare in terms of durability and resistance?


The durability and resistance of Víbora padel rackets are among the best in the padel market. Víbora Padel manufactures its rackets by hand in Spain, providing an added level of confidence in their craftsmanship.

Where can you find deals and promotions on Víbora padel rackets?


The best deals and promotions can be found at Pádel Ibérico, a leading company in the padel sector with over 10 years of experience in selling and distributing padel equipment.

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