We leave you with a video that shows how padel rackets are manufactured. This process is very interesting, and all padel lovers will be delighted with it. Take a look and you won’t be disappointed. And do not forget to check out our padel shop catalogue, where you can choose your racket within a wide range of possibilities, either because of its design or its features. All this at your fingertips with only a few clicks.

The video shows how a handcrafted padel racket is assembled, entirely manufactured in Spain. Undoubtedly, it’s a very enriching content for anybody who doesn’t know how this process is conducted.

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We have the best options in Valion rackets, such as the series Avant, Lethal Weapon and Cañon. Among Star Vie rackets you will find as best models R9.1 and Brava, and in Enebe, the best models are RSX, Attack Carbon etc.

The most emerging brands, such as Siux, with the great ranges Diablo, Tsunami… Wingpadel, another brand that stood out in the WPT with its models Air Force and Air Cyclone.

You will also find Dunlop padel, with a very wide range of prices and for players of all levels, so that you can choose accordingly to your playstyle and experience.

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Nowadays, choosing a padel racket that suits your playstyle properly can be a big headache, as there are countless brands, colours, formats, contacts and compositions of different materials. That's why we want to show you a basic analysis that every player should consider when choosing his new weapon on the court.


We'll start by talking about padel racket formats:


Round: Perfect for players who are starting out in the amazing world of padel or for those players who base their game on control, since this type of formats facilitate a greater contact point, greater precision in each strike and the racket becomes more manageable and agile.


Teardrop: Racket for players who look for balance in their game, either if they play in the backhand side or in the drive side. This type of padel rackets will give you greater strokes without loss of control, with a centered balance and an adequate contact point in order to play with maximum comfort.


Diamond: Regarding this format, we are talking about attack rackets with a balance placed towards the head of the racket, so that when performing the smash, the racket's head helps to make this type of definition strikes.


Racket indicated for more advanced players, with a slighter strike area placed towards the head.

In order to help you choose your new racket, we leave you here this Article from our blog so that you take some important aspects into account before buying it. Don't forget to check out this one either!



This new 2024 season, padel brands, as every year, bring out new padel rackets collections. The most leading-edge companies , such as Head, Bullpadel, Adidas, Nox, Middle Moon, Star Vie, Black Crown… have brought out impressive product lines for this season 2024, so that any type of padel player plays with his perfect racket.

We will provide details by brand to show you which are the most desired paddle rackets this 2024. Keep reading because you cannot miss it:

Head Padel Rackets

As always, the Austrian brand launches this 2024 a highly balanced padel line with very successful designs. We highlight the HEAD XTREME PRO model, a racket that, according to its social media advertising campaign, has an incredibly powerful output, perfect for players who look for a racket to end up getting the point easily, but well balanced and without loss of control.


This 2024 it still stands out the racket of "el Mago de San Luis", Sanyo Gutiérrez, who uses the HEAD GRAPHENE 360 ALPHA PRO racket to spread his magic throughout the court with impossible strokes with an incredible beauty. This model was one of the most desired in 2023 and continues in 2024, charming either backhand or drive players with its great balance in their playstyle. A padel racket entirely made of carbon and with a well-compensated mould shape.


Even though it doesn't mean less quality, this 2024 the Austrian company has launched the mid-range HEAD SPEED ELITE racket, the little sister of the HEAD XTREME PRO model. The Delta Elite model shares the same mould shape, with the only difference being its flat made of fiberglass instead of carbon, as the first named racket, making it a padel racket easier to play and of easier adaptation.


These 3 padel rackets models are the most successful in the courts this 2024, so don't lose the opportunity and get them in Padelibérico at the best market price and with gifts included.


Bullpadel Rackets

The firm from Madrid is not falling behind and has launched this 2024 three padel rackets that are the best-selling of its entire collection and the most desired in the padel world. We are talking about the Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024, the Bullpadel Hack 03 2024 and the Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024. We proceed to comment in detail each racket so that you know its characteristics and details:


Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024 is the racket of "El Tiburón de San Luis", Maxi Sánchez. He is a player who needs a versatile racket for his playstyle and that's exactly how the Vertex 04 2024 is;  a racket whose frame and flat are entirely made of carbon, with a vibration absorber integrated in the core of the racket to lower its balance. We are talking about one of the best-selling padel rackets on the market.


Bullpadel Hack 03 2024 is a totally renewed padel racket, since the mould of its preceding was diamond-shaped and this 2024 it uses a round-hybrid mould in order to have greater control when stroking without losing any power. We are talking about the racket which the current world number one Paquito Navarro uses on the professional circuit. A very charismatic backhand player who enters the courts and excites the public in every play.

This model's frame and flat are entirely made of carbon and it has a very attractive design.

Bullpadel Vertex 04 Woman 2024 is a racket designed for women, and it is one of the most desired of the market, since it is a top range racket entirely made of 3K carbon, but with a dazzling design and at the forefront, ideal to make you stand out in the most difficult matches. 


Nox Padel Rackets

The Catalan firm gets relaunched to success this 2024 with the signing of two genuine stars of the World Padel Tour, the Sánchez Alayeto twins. That's great news for all Nox lovers.

The most desired padel rackets of this great company this 2024 are:

NOX AT10 LUXURY GENIUS 18K ALUM 2024, Agustín Tapia's racket, the former young promise that now has become a genius as this racket indicates. This model uses the same rubber as the AT10 Carbon, but with more carbon reinforcements and a more aggressive mold, which will make it a more powerful padel racket but with great control, exactly what Tapia needs to conquer this 2024 on the courts.


NOX AT LUXURY ATTACK 18K ALUM 2024, probably the most powerful racket of the firm, entirely made of carbon and with a high-density rubber, to smash the ball with each stroke. This is the padel racket that Majo Sánchez Alayeto will use in the World Padel Tour, a very talented backhand player who develops a lot of power in her game.

NOX ML10 PRO CUP BLACK, we are talking about the classical one, the same as always, but with a renewed design in black that came this year. The padel racket of the awesome player Miguel Lamperti, the most charismatic player on the professional padel circuit and with an out-of-the-ordinary strike.

Middle Moon Rackets

This Spanish firm manufactures handcrafted padel rackets in our country and uses top-notch quality materials. Providing its clients with the best products and the best playability of the market is the essence of the brand. Nox achieves this with these padel rackets, which are the most desired in 2024:

MIDDLE MOON ECLIPSE 8 CARBON GOLD 24K RUGOSA 2024: Undoubtedly, with this model the Spanish firm has overcome itself making a padel racket with an incredible touch, an ideal balance, and a first-rate playability. Many people consider it the most balanced racket on the market, and it offers a higher average durability than its competitors, as Middle Moon invests a great amount of resources aiming to get excellency. This racket is entirely made of carbon and its flat has double lamination and a 24K tubular that provides greater resistance and power when striking.

MIDDLE MOON ATILA 2.0 CARBON 12K RUGOSA 2024 is the greatest surprise of this year since we are talking about one of the most powerful rackets on the market but that also offers an excellent control. How is this possible? Middle Moon has achieved it with the Atila 2023, a racket whose flat uses double carbon lamination for longer durability and that has a touch whose perfect balance will make you fall in love.

MIDDLE MOON ECLIPSE 7 CARBON RUGOSA LIGHT is the most complete racket, valid both for men and for women with a very up-to-date design and with high-quality materials. Like the previously mentioned rackets, this one also has double carbon lamination in its flat with the special middle moon rubber, which is their secret to make rackets with higher quality than its competitors.

Black Crown Rackets

The Catalan firm that keeps manufacturing great quality padel rackets with a playability that all padel players bear out.

The most desired models of this brand in this 2024 are:

BLACK CROWN PITON 11: The racket wielded by Eli Amatriain, the new and superb World Padel Tour signing. This racket model is entirely made of carbon, with 15K carbon intertwined with aluminized fiberglass. This combination results in a padel racket with an outstanding performance on the court 

BLACK CROWN PITON ATTACK 16K: we are talking about the most powerful racket of this brand, with a modified mould with respect to the classical Piton, but with more flattened edges to provide a better balance. This model is entirely made of carbon and its flats use 16k carbon, which is more rigid and provides more durability.

BLACK CROWN PITON HURRICANE PRO 2.0: the world number one's racket, Marta Marrero. A racket which has a longer handle made exclusively for her, as her backhand is two-handed. The Pitón HURRICANE PRO 2.0 is entirely made of carbon and it's a very polyvalent racket which suits perfectly those players who want to control the match at all times.

Babolat Pádel Rackets

If you want to buy high-quality padel rackets which belong to an experienced brand in the racket field, Babolat will suit all your expectations due to their features, quality, and price. The French company is committed to innovative designs and high-quality materials in order to manufacture padel rackets that provide superior outcome on the court. All this evolution process that Babolat has experienced in the world of padel is partly due to the contribution of the signing of its superstar, Juan Lebrón, the current number one of the professional padel circuit, the World Pádel Tour.

This new 2024 collection comes with the Air Viper, Counter Viper and Technical Viper racket models, whose moulds and designs are very innovative, and its launching has drawn the attention of the amateur players.

We invite you to try this brand since we are familiar with its quality and features and you won't be disappointed with its new 2024 collection of rackets.

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