The new series of Nox products is finally available on our website. Nox is one of the most importants brands in the padel industry, well-known for bringing top-quality, long-lasting padel bags. Whether you are taking your first steps and want to prevent your racket from falling or breaking or you are a more proficient player who wants to spend all day at the club with your teammates, and you need to carry several rackets, towels, drinks, along with your personal belongings, we have plenty of options available for you depending on your situation.

A great padel bag is an indispensable product in this sport. Choose from a large selection of durable, high-quality padel bags, according to your colour tastes and needs. With their new carrying handles you will be able to carry them like a backpack, being more comfortable to transport your belongings. Also, you can benefit from our special offers and receive the products at home within 24 to 48 hours.

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What unique features do Nox padel bags offer compared to other brands of padel bags?


The features of Nox padel bags make them some of the best on the market compared to other brands. Durability is one of their great virtues.

Another unique feature of Nox padel bags is their World Padel Tour (WPT) sponsorship, allowing you to find the WPT logo on their high-end bags.

How does the design of Nox padel bags influence the organization and protection of padel equipment?


The design of Nox padel bags is among the best. Their excellent distribution ensures that everything is well-organized and protected. Most Nox bags feature a thermo system to protect the interior from heat and humidity.

Which Nox padel bag models are most suitable for professional padel players?


The most recommended Nox padel bag models for professional players are those from the WPT Master and Open Series, as they are the largest. Additionally, the Nox AT10 XL Competition is highly suitable.

These bags are spacious and help to store everything neatly and organized.


How to select the ideal size of a Nox padel bag based on the amount of equipment you carry?


To select the ideal size of a Nox padel bag, consider the amount of equipment you typically bring to your matches. If you usually carry multiple padel rackets, shoes, toiletries, and a change of clothes, we recommend a high-end professional line bag, as they are the most spacious.

However, if you are a more occasional player and don't usually fill your bag with many items, a mid-range, more compact bag will suit you perfectly.

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