Joma is one of the leading brands in the sports sector, standing out especially for its usual value for money. In the padel sector it is not going to be less and brings us economic and high quality padel rackets. Despite its short time in this sector, Joma Padel seeks to make a niche for itself among the big brands, always trying to maintain its great price.                                                                                                      

Within the catalogue of Joma padel rackets we find rackets for all types of players and compositions, high-end rackets all in carbon for amateurs who want a high-end racket at reduced prices and intermediate level rackets at very good prices.


Joma padel rackets, great value for money

Within the new catalogue of Joma padel rackets we highlight the following models:

- Joma Gold Pro 2 Turquoise Black: this is the top of the range racket from the Spanish firm, it features 18k carbon in the flat and 100% carbon tubular, a balanced racket for advanced level players.                                                                                                                                                  

- Joma Slam Pro 2 Black Coral Fluorine: within the high range but with a more contained price we find this model with 12k carbon in the flat and 100% carbon tubular, for a model with a great ball control but without skimping on the punch.

- Joma Open Black Turquoise Fluorine: This is a mid-range model, made with a 100% carbon tubular and 3 layers of fibreglass in the sole, for a Joma racket with a pleasant feel, a large sweet spot and very good ball exit.

- Joma Open Verde Flúor: this Joma Open racket is an intermediate level racket, made with fibreglass and 100% carbon tubular, being this Joma Open a racket with a comfortable feel, good ball exit and has a wide sweet spot.

-Joma Master Black Turquoise Fluorine: In this model we find a top of the range racket at a very reasonable price, with 1k carbon fibre in the flat and 100% carbon tubular. Joma racket with a very good punch and a good feeling of control when hitting.

Joma Master Black Fluor Green: The definition of this model is high-end racket at a brutal price because we are talking about a Joma racket made with 1K carbon fibre and carbon fibre tubular. This model has a great punch, but with a great control in the stroke, so that the most demanding players will be satisfied.

- Joma Game: This Joma racket is ideal for players who are just starting out, as it has a rounded shape and fist balance to provide great control over the ball, but with a large hitting area. Both the sole and the frame are made entirely of fibreglass.

- Joma Game Junior: as it could not be otherwise the great Spanish firm of sports equipment has launched a Joma racket for the youngest of the house, so that they can play with a comfortable and comfortable racket with a reduced weight, so that children can move the racket easily and enjoy playing padel to the maximum.

 Joma Pádel, a benchmark in the manufacture of sports equipment

The Spanish firm Joma Padel is setting out this year 2023 with a strong commitment to be one of the main players in the sale of padel rackets at a European level. This is something that can be achieved quite easily, as Joma padel has a large number of points of sale throughout Europe and it is very easy to get its product into these shops. All this together with the great value for money that Joma padel has in its padel rackets, we can say with certainty that Joma padel will become a benchmark in the padel rackets sales sector.

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