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HEAD GRAPHENE 360 ALPHA ELITE / A very anticipated model with the best features on the circuit.

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The HEAD GRAPHENE 360 ALPHA ELITE is a very complete Head padel racket which easily adapts to the different stages of the match. It features a teardrop shape, which provides us with a medium sweet spot so that our game strikes a balanced between control and power.

This padel racket arrives very renewed this 2021 season to offer us better stability and comfort on the court.

Manufacturing materials.

The HEAD GRAPHENE 360 ALPHA ELITE is a padel racket that has the best features of the brand and that easily adapts to every stage of the match.

The frame is made of carbon fiber, which offers great consistency to the structure. This allows us to hit more stable and precise shots during the match.

The faces are made of fiberglass, material which provides us with a very good feel of the ball. Its manufacture also allows us to flaunt a highly precise game and sensational technique.

The core is made Power Foam, one of the best rubbers so far. A very powerful material that offers us incredible ball output.

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Analysis And Opinion

Head Padel has always manufactured many of the most sough-after padel rackets on the market, both by players that are taking their first steps in this sport and by those who want a high-performance racket with which to be the best on the court.

Fernando Belasteguín and Daniel Sanyo Gutiérrez are the leading players of the brand. These professional players are an example to follow and the favorites of other amateur or professional players.

Today we are going to analyze one of the new padel rackets of Head for this 2021 season. This model does not belong to the highest range, but its features, materials and design tell us otherwise. This Head Graphene 360 Alpha Elite is a spectacular padel racket that exudes quality and that has a spectacular quality-price ratio.

In our online padel store, we like our readers to know everything about padel rackets. Today we are analyzing the Alpha Elite for you.


Let's start with the most important factor to know when choosing a padel racket: its shape.

The Head Graphene 360 Alpha Elite features an oversized teardrop shape, designed to be comfortable and to provide control and power as well. This is one of the padel rackets with best balance on the market. Head Padel has done its job very well with this model. Its oversized teardrop shape makes it look like a diamond-shaped padel racket, but without actually being one.

It offers a medium balance. This is one of the reasons why it so well-liked. All players can adapt to it from the very first moment they wield it. We usually recommend it for advanced level players who do not want to spend a lot of money and want to get the most out of their padel racket.

This medium balance we are talking about is also due in part to the Smart Bridge technology it incorporates, a new type of bridge designed to distribute the weight toward the middle of the racket. Another function of this bridge is to reduce vibrations when hitting.

With a thickness of 38 millimeters throughout the structure of the racket and a composition of carbon fiber and Graphene 360 in the frame, it is very durable. Graphene 360 is incorporated in many of the padel rackets of Head this new season. It is one of the best materials on the market, and it provides the racket with high durability as carbon fiber does.

Its faces incorporate fiberglass, which will increase ball output. This material is a highly flexible and is very useful for players who are taking their first steps in this sport.

At the core, we highlight its Power Foam. This type of rubber has been intensively studied to achieve the benefits of foam, which consist of reducing vibrations and providing a soft feel. However, the most remarkable feature of Power Foam is that it is a very powerful and dense rubber.

We continue with one of the most used technologies in Head padel rackets, and that this Head Graphene 360 Alpha Elite does not lack. We are talking about the Optimized Sweet Spot, a special drilling pattern that provides an optimal sweet spot. As we can see at first sight, it almost covers the entire surface of the racket.

Head padel rackets have been with us for a long time and in Pádel Ibérico we give them the recognition they deserve. They are one of the leaders of the market, along with Bullpadel, Nox Padel, Adidas Padel and Royal Padel, etc.

Head also produces amazing padel shoes, which we have in our catalog and which you can see and buy at the best price as always.



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Carbon fiber
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glass fiber

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Pala muy correcta
rating 5

Pala muy correcta, me gusta, quizás algo cabezona para mi pero buena opcion, le doy 4.5 estrellas.

Muy contento con ella
rating 5

Compra muy acertada, pala potente, ligera, cómoda, sin duda por el precio, es un chollazo

Agresiva y f?cil de manejar.
rating 4
Bonita, completa y buen precio. Muy poco que envidiar a la tope de gama de Sanyo.

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