Argentine traditional brand of the world of padel. It started as a family business manufacturing its first blades in Argentina and expanding its business to Europe, producing high-quality blades of several different materials (Foam, Polifoam and Eva). Discover the racket that represents tradition, the new DABBER MAX D3 and the surprising DABBER CARBON. 


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We want to share with you the history of this company, which has been selling padel rackets for almost 30 years. A company which is continuously improving and producing new collections, being a leading company in the international market.

Dabber was born in 1961 founded by Mr. Gabriel Ángel Di Battista, an Italian immigrant with an unstoppable desire to achieve new goals. He also founded a metal-mechanic company. This firm produced parts for the aeronautical and naval industry among others, always being at the forefront with new technologies and great advances. This technological scope within the factory was approached by Gabriel Angel's sons.

Gabriel, one of the sons, was the one who manufactured in 1961 the first padel racket, and called it "Zeus", as the supreme god of Greek mythology.

However, he did that as a “hobby”, without aiming to make economic profit, ignoring that the next years his company was going to become an international reference on the padel industry.

Little by little, his friends and people around him began to ask him to manufacture some blades for their own use and to play their matches in the few clubs that existed at that time in Argentina.

The first padel racket that was commercialized:

Baptized with the name of “Zeus 2011”, it had a warm welcome exponentially growing in the first 6 months. Due to that, he decided to invest in its own facilities and register the brand.

In order to find a proper name for the padel division, he tried to patent it with the name “Zeus”. That was not possible as this name already belonged to a sports equipment firm. More specifically, a Rugby clothing brand.

With the help of friends and family, they reached an agreement that resulted in the creation of the Dabber brand.

In 1988 they already manufactured high-quality rackets massively, which competed with the strongest companies of the moment in this sector. These blades were made of wood, eva rubber, fiberglass and carbon.

In 1922 Dabber launched its first composite padel racket, which was broadly accepted. It led to the idea of commercializing its products in Europe and neighboring countries and America.

The company experienced a sizable growth and expansion, using the latest technologies of the industry and providing its models dazzling designs.

Dabber thus becomes a leading company, specialized in sports equipment, oriented towards padel.                                              

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