As a well-known brand of other racket sports (whose iconic figure is Rafael Nadal, one of the best sportsmen of all time), Babolat was founded in Lyon (France) in 1875, and it is the oldest company specialized in racket sports. In 2010, Babolat entered the world of padel by launching its range of padel rackets with the best materials and the most advanced technologies to improve playability.

One of the top 10 professional padel league players that wields Babolat rackets is the Spaniard Jordi Muñoz. Another of the best players in the world, Miguel Lamperti, uses Babolat padel shoes to move quickly on the court. Indeed, Babolat's rackets are not the only amazing products they offer, since their shoes also meet the highest standards. Another demonstration of this brand's excellence is that the female number one pair, the Sánchez Alayeto sisters, also wear slippers of the French company.

     Babolat padel rackets


Within the Babolat line of padel rackets, this brand presents three different ranges: competition, advanced and occasional, thus reaching a wide spectrum of players. Within the category of competition rackets, we find three models with a carbon frame. The Drive Tour is a teardrop-shaped racket that offers a compromise between control and power. On the other hand, the Viper Tour is a diamond-shaped racket that has a Black EVA rubber core, which grants it a very aggressive nature and a very powerful smash. Regarding the Sensation Tour model, we are talking about a round racket with exquisite stroke control.


The advanced level rackets range is made up of three models: the Drive, balanced and teardrop-shaped ; the Storm, balanced and with a grey EVA core; and the Star, a round racket for players who base their game on control.  The rackets of this level are characterized by having a very low-density EVA rubber core that provides good striking power.


To conclude, we are going to mention the initiation level rackets. In this category we are going to highlight the following models: The Reflex is a balanced teardrop-shaped; Contact, a very light round-shaped model that offers great control; Reveal, an extremely lightweight round racket designed for all those female players who want to start in the world of padel. These three models share a flexible EVA foam core to help all beginners improve their game in the fastest and most effective way.


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Babolat Padel Rackets 2022

This year 2022, the French brand enters the professional circuit World Padel Tour stronger than ever, signing the current number one player in the world, the Spanish Juan Lebrón.

This season, Juan Lebrón is playing with the Babolat Viper carbon 2022, a padel racket entirely made of carbon and top-quality materials. This model provides great power in each blow and a long-lasting durability.

Within the 2022 Babolat rackets collection, we will highlight the following models:

  • BABOLAT VIPER CARBON 2022, the previously mentioned top-notch racket that Juan Lebrón wields, entirely made of carbon.

  • BABOLAT DEFIANCE CARBON 2022, the top-range round model with anti-vibration rubber. It is the same as the Viper Carbon but with a format that provides more control and balance. It is also entirely made of carbon.

  • BABOLAT VIPER 2022, very similar to Lebron's racket, but with a fiberglass flat. It is a softer racket with a wider contact point and simpler to use.

  • BABOLAT REVENGE LITE, a teardrop-shaped racket with a fiberglass flat. Very easy to play and very balanced.

  • BABOLAT DEFIANCE 2022 is the most comfortable model to play, a Babolat padel racket with a wide contact point, very good ball output and a very pleasant soft feel.

Babolat rackets have entered the professional padel circuit to stand out alongside the star from Andalucía, Juan Lebrón. Buy your Babolat padel racket at padeliberico.es and play as "El Lobo" Juanito.

Babolat Padel Rackets 2023 

After a long wait, the French brand has launched its new collection of Babolat padel rackets, with three high-end models that have cutting-edge designs and moulds and that have impressed the entire padel market.

These three new-release models of Babolat padel rackets are:

  • Babolat Air Viper: this Babolat racket stands out due to its diamond-shaped aggressive mould perfect for those who play very offensively, but without renouncing to control, as it is well-balanced too. This 2023 we find a model with a softer feel than Juan Lebrón's old Viper 2022.

  • Babolat Technical Viper: This Babolat padel racket model is the most balanced one, offering both power and control, with a teardrop-shaped mould and a wide hitting area. Perfect for those players looking for a more balanced game, attacking and defending.

  • Babolat Counter Viper: Within the high range of Babolat padel rackets, we find the model that provides more control and a better balance, with a round-shaped mould and a wide hitting area. The Counter model is the softest of the 3 models.

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