The AKKERON NEXUS LEGACY R X8 padel racket is highly requested by fans of this impressive brand.

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Manufacturing materials.

The AKKERON NEXUS LEGACY R X8 is a very complete racket with very particular features that will leave no player indifferent. This model is in one of the most requested padel rackets of the firm since as it flaunts ideal features.

The faces of this Akkeron padel racket are made of fiberglass, providing us with a great feel of the ball and greatly enriching our game, thus allowing us to live up to the best players of our level. This material also makes it easier for us to send the ball right where we aim, enjoying great accuracy.

The frames are also made of carbon fiber, which provides the racket with greater durability and at the same time with great balance. All this make it a very comfortable-to-maneuver padel racket with which we will return every ball at the right time and with outstanding strokes. The Bitube technology provides it with ideal stiffness so that it does not suffer any damage, and also with the necessary flexibility to avoid vibrations.


Some models that have the same features, such as AKKERON CALYPSO LEGACY R X8, AKKERON ATLAS CARBON X8.

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